You will have to use the World map now to enter your Candy farm.
You will also use the map to keep up with any needed information.
  #1 - Lets you know something on the farm is ready to be harvested.
  #2 - Lets you know that Omar or Monty are on the farm.
  #3 - Lets you know how many days are left for the farm.
  #4 - Click on this icon to see the Event Overview window and check your Ranking.
  #5 - Click on this icon to see the Event Information window.
  In this overview, you can see all the stages of the event. First visit Johnny Apple on candy farm. Help him with setting it up and sell candy to earn vouchers, which you can then swap for valuable seeds from the voucher trader. By sowing these seeds in the greenhouse, you can grow special fruits that Captain Barmacle will ship. As a thank you, he'll give you a reward you can use to train your horses. Remember that the candy farm only lasts for 30 days.

UPDATE MARCH 2017: This is the last time the candy farm will last for 30 days. From here on after you will only have 24 days.