Working out a strategy

Be prepared to spend close to $100,000,000

  The Candy farm works much different than the other temp farms.
It will tie up your build slot more than the other temp farms.
  Upgrade your Pay booth first.
You really really need that
Pay booth!
  Upgrade the Candy caravan asap.
It will give you some more workers and saves time when upgrading other buildings.
  Once your Pay booth and Candy caravan are upgraded you can slow down on the money transfers.
Until then keep making transfers, you'll need a stockpile of sugar dollars sooner then you think.
  Don't leave fields or orchards at level 1 too long.
example: a level 1 cherry orchard = 6 cherries a level 2 = 22 cherries.
  Upgrade the composter asap.
It will save you some time producing on the fields.
  Do not use humus on fields lower then level 3,
keep making and saving it up until that time.
  Upgrade the fence and gate to max level.
Do plan this out well, they definitely take some time upgrading!
  Never let the Candy Factory sit idle.
Make Fruity Delights just to keep it working.
  Only upgrade the Candy factory to Level 3.
Upgrading it to level 4 is not worth the expense and time.
  You do not need to do all tasks!  Do the ones that provide you with a reward that is worth it.
Most side tasks ask you to upgrade buildings to a level you don't need and you waste money.
  Donít sell or produce goods until you get a task that tells you to do so.
If you do it up front, you will not have enough products or raw materials to finish the task quickly.
  If your not going after the globe rewards from the Candy palace then only donate until it reaches level 10.
The rewards are helpful to your production up until level 10, after that you'll get more vouchers by selling outright
  Two days before the farm is due to end start demolishing everything.
You will get more vouchers if you demolish everything yourself.
When you visit Benny's voucher trader buy in this ratio...
  8 Special elderberry seeds 200,000  
  4 Special fig seeds 204,000  
  2 Special passion fruit seeds 250,000  
  1 Special apricot seeds 310,000  
  total 964,000
Ratio meaning for every 8 cheapest buy 8, 4, 2, 1 or for every 16 cheapest buy 16, 8, 4, 2.
This will keep the ship going with minimum loads of fruit each time.   Thank you artful (US1)
Always use humus in your Greenhouse on special seeds.
  Greenhouse Calculator created by Southern (US1)