DO NOTE: This is for a no gold speed-run only! You will not be getting credit for any side task with this, just vouchers.
  I will not be testing this until the next time Candy farm comes around. Feel free to test it out yourself with the following info.
Plots cleared:   Decorations:   Production:
1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17   6 free, 26 bought   grow Grapes, Pasture grass and fertilize Sweet cherries
Fields:   Buildings:   make Fruity Delights
5 at level 4, 1 at level 2   Candy caravan level 3   sell Fruity Delights, Pasture grass
Homes:   Candy factory level 3   Fence and Gate at level 3
6 at level 4   Pay booth level 3   - 82 production cost
  Candy farm Walkthrough
  The first thing you want to do is level the Pay booth and Candy caravan.
  Keep planting Grapes, fertilizing Sweet cherries and transferring dollars as you upgrade.

Once you have the Pay booth and Candy caravan upgraded then level the free Sugar field and Sweet Cherry orchard to level 2.

  Clear 9 plots, build 5 Sugar fields, 3 Sweet Cherry orchards and 6 houses simultaneously until you have them all done.

Upgrade the Candy factory, Fence and Gate all to level 3 as you upgrade the Sugar fields and Sweet Cherry orchards to level 2.

  Now that all that is done just upgrade 5 Sugar fields and 3 Sweet Cherry orchards to level 4 upgrading the 6 houses as needed.

The level 5 Fields grow Grapes all day, level 2 Fields grow Sugar beets all day and grow Pasture grass at night on all Fields.

  Donating to the Candy Palace is totally up to you. Keep in mind that you do get more vouchers when selling direct.
  Candy farm checklist
  I will be making up the checklist as I go.
  This checklist will come in handy for future Speed-runs giving you a list of what to build or upgrade as you go.
  NOTE: One of my fellow members,  adoptapet had a great idea to save on printing out the checklist. Although she mentioned she does it for the Theme events it will still work for the checklist.
  She takes a screenshot of the page and opens it with Windows Paint and checks off what she has completed then saves it.
  Candy farm Templates
  Until the Walkthrough is finished there are only 2 templates.
  Template 1a: Shows you the Candy farm at day 1 with the numbered plots that you will be clearing.
  final Template: Shows you the final template once everything is built, upgraded and in it's place.