Send Oleg fishing
if you have the money, this is the way to go

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Left-click Oleg and select
Send Oleg fishing.

Oleg will only fish for Bass or Bonito when you select Send Oleg fishing and they will make the first 2 dishes in the Mermaid Bay.
You do not need your bucket upgraded and you will not need any special gear or bait in your Tackle box.

Upgrade your Amphibian for extra fish
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◄When you click on the Inflatable raft select Boat rental, then select Send Oleg.►
Oleg will catch a variety of fish when you select Send Oleg from the Boat rental
First you'll want to get your fishing level up to 15 so you can rent boats.
You do not need your bucket upgraded when you send Oleg out on a boat.
Better fishing gear will give better results when sending Oleg out on a boat.
NOTE: The best you will ever need in your tackle box is...
2 Wooden poles, 100 Medium minnow hooks, 10 Medium monofilament lines and 2 Drag reels.
You do not need any fish bait on hand.
The available Fishing locations to chose from will depend on the boat you have rented.
Each time you send Oleg he will be gone 1 hour.
NOTE: Train in-between Oleg's fishing trips to keep your FXP and Mermaid Bay going.  see also Oleg Fisher Boat rentals

For more information see Send Oleg fishing and Boat rental
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