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This is where you'll go fishing on your own. Use the charts below to determine the best spot to "Go fishing" from for a specific fish.
green text = no bait needed because those fish are already in the tanks.
Fresh water stream fish: Main farm
Bass Carp Catfish Pickerel Sturgeon
Fresh water pond fish: Gourmet farm
Bass Carp Catfish Pickerel Sturgeon
Salt water fish: Flower farm
Bass Bonito Bluefish Grouper Hogfish Mahi

A - Tab to open your Tackle box inventory. B - Shows the Bait you have selected. C - Use Bait to release a specific fish.
When you go fishing for a certain fish you will need bait in your tackle box and you select that bait when you press A (Tab to open your Tackle box inventory) then press B (Shows the Bait you have selected) then C once for each fish you'd like to add to the fishing area.
You may open and close this window as often as you'd like within 30 minutes to change the location and size of each fish. After that time the fish start to swim away.
Do not empty the tank of all the starting fish before you catch the added bait fish or you will loose them.
The above image shows me "Go fishing" from the Main farm bridge. I needed some pickerel for the Mermaid Bay so notice how I have Pickerel bait selected and my fishing area has carp, bass and pickerel in it.
Each time you open the fishing area window, you start with an empty bucket.
No need to sell your fish to make room for more.
Upgrade your Amphibian to catch more fish. view the Garage page
Here is a calculation Spread sheet of which fish is the most profitable to fish for using bait. created by Asanque (Hun1), thank you

Step 1 Check your Tackle box:
You do not want to waste your time in the fishing area window restocking your tackle box.
Check for the following before you start...
2 fishing poles 10 fishing line Bait if needed
100 fishing hooks 2 fishing reels  
NOTE: The best you will ever need in your tackle box is...
2 Wooden poles, 100 Medium minnow hooks, 10 Medium monofilament lines and 2 Drag reels.
Step 2 Go Fishing:
To fish Left-click Oleg
and select Go Fishing.
This will open a mini game window (shown above) allowing you to catch your fish for the next 30 minutes.
Left click on the fish of your choice to make the fishing pole cast your line.
Once you notice a fish on your hook, left click and hold until you have the fish up and out of the water. (see steps 2 and 3)
A - This shows the tension in the line. Once the indicator reaches the red area, the line will snap.
When you see the indicator go too far in the red, simply stop holding your left click for a second, then left click and hold again.
B - This icon will start flashing red when you are in risk of loosing your fish.
When you see this icon start flashing, simply stop holding your left click for a second, then left click and hold again.
C - This timer shows how much time you have left until the fish manages to escape your hook.
When you see the timer go too far in the red, simply stop holding your left click for a second, then left click and hold again.

Step 3 Your catch:

Once you have your fish up and out of the water you'll get this pop-up.

A - Oleg will tell you all about the fish you just caught here.

B - The pop-ups will always tell you how many more fish you can still hold in your bucket.

C - You have the choice to throw your fish back. This will come in handy if your bucket is almost full and you don't catch the right fish.

You only need an excellent reel. Two or three might work well; if one breaks the fishing won't be interrupted. Get a couple of cheap rods. Line should be medium, and you won't really need more than ten. Hooks, however, I buy in the hundreds. Thank you Anissa0012

FISHING TIPS: Your tank will stay active for 30 minutes while you are actively fishing no matter how often you exit and enter. Exiting and re-entering will reset the size and position of the fish. You can do this as often as you like within the first 25 minutes or so.
To fish faster, only go after fish that swim in the top half of the tank, stay above the line where the reel is in the side menu. You can put as many baited fish in as you want, but 40 is reasonably doable.
This video shows my thoughts on the best way to go fishing. watch the video
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