Working out a strategy with help from LARINO'S CORNER:

Be prepared to spend close to $100,000,000

  Upgrade the bank to at least level 5 or 6 first.
You really really need that bank!
  Upgrade the farmhouse to level 4 asap.
It will give you some more workers and saves time when upgrading other buildings.
  Have 3 fields level 3.
Cannot manage after all? Go for a temporary field that you can tear down when you need the workers and space.
  Upgrade the mill and silo to level 3.
The sooner you upgrade them, the more raw materials you save and the more feed and fertilizer you can make for latter.
  Upgrade the composter to level 3.
It will save you some time producing on the fields.
  Upgrade the fence and gate to max level.
Do plan this out well, they definitely take some time upgrading!
  Only level 3 orchards are worth your time and money.
Lower levels are a waste, they do not produce enough to keep you going and higher levels are not necessary.
  Upgrade the Workshop to Level 2, then at a later time Level 3.
The recommended time to do that is right after chapter 3 task 1.
  All animal stables can stay on level 1.
Upgrading them is not necessary. Build some more and demolish others if necessary for certain tasks.
  You will need about 10 houses, all max level.
Be careful when upgrading these houses, the happiness will drop fast.
Also build enough decorations (preferably pine forest) and do this step by step.
  You do not need to do all side tasks!  Do the ones that provide you with a reward that is worth it.
Most side tasks ask you to upgrade buildings to a level you don't need and you waste money.
  Donít sell or produce goods until you get a task that tells you to do so.
If you do it up front, you will not have enough products or raw materials to finish the task quickly.
  Two days before the farm is due to end start demolishing everything.
You will get more rune stones if you demolish everything yourself.
When you visit Benny's runestone trader buy in this ratio...
  8 Special gooseberry seeds 200,000  
  4 Special rose hip seeds 204,000  
  2 Special blackberry seeds 250,000  
  1 Special cloudberry seeds 310,000  
  total 964,000
Ratio meaning for every 8 cheapest buy 8, 4, 2, 1 or for every 16 cheapest buy 16, 8, 4, 2.
This will keep the ship going with minimum loads of fruit each time.   Thank you artful (US1)
Always use humus in your Greenhouse on special seeds.
  Greenhouse Calculator created by Southern (US1)