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The Candy farm
is very colorful and fun.
Unlock event: Waste No Time!
island's currency: vouchers
Greenhouse fruits:
Elderberry Passion Fruit
Fig Apricot
Some of the better Rewards:
Candy Chicken coop
Candy Cowshed
Sweet apiary
Benny Buddler's Runestone Trader
Benny Buddler's Runestone Trader

NOTE: The Northern Lights farm is identical to the Viking farm and it uses the same set of Handbooks.

NOTE: The temporary farms are very expensive to build so there are a few things you should consider before you decide to try one...
The first thing to consider is, do you like filling the captains orders for the ship? Once you start a temp farm the captain will always ask for island seeds whether you have them of not making it hard to continue filling the ship from that point on.
Next are your 3 main farms established enough to maintain a steady income? If you're not higher than level 80 with a steady income of $4,000,000 a day I suggest that you pass on the temp farms. The least you could expect to spend on a temp farm is 80-100 million farm dollars. QUOTE: Uncle John (GB1) "For as little as $4,000,000 one can earn enough to keep the Ship minimum loaded with fruit."
The last thing to note is, the temp farms only last 24 days. They involve steady game play for 24 days or your wasting your time and money. They don't make you any money in return, the only reason to run a temp farm is for decorations, horseshoes, houses and unique farm buildings.