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Introduction   Waste No Time!
Donate 25 certificates 40,000 candy dollars
Collect 46,000 candy dollars 50 xp
Visit the Candy farm 4,000 island dollars
Candy Palace level 5 - 5x5 Candy Mansion 58 HP 8 VHP   Candy Palace level 10 - 5x5 Candy Castle 71 HP 10 VHP   Candy Palace level 15 - 5x5 Candy Palace 90 HP 20 VHP
Start with 107,520 sugar dollars and 8 free workers.
Task 1 Come one come all :
Start production of grapes. 20,00 Sugar Dollars
1 x Sweet Soil
6 x Grapes
Task 2 A sweet and sour confection :
Begin production of sweet cherries 32,000 Sugar Dollars
6 x sweet cherries
Task 3 Bigger and better :
Expand your farm 80,000 Sugar Dollars
2,000 vouchers
Task 4 First try :
Begin production of Fruity delights 40,000 Sugar Dollars
6 x Fruity Delights
Task 5 Candy Construction :
Donate Fruity Delights
to the Candy Palace
56,0000 Sugar Dollars
20,000 vouchers
Task 6 A true strategy for success :
Build a sugar mill 48,000 Sugar Dollars
1 x gumball machine
Task 7 A Good Plan :
Have a sweet almond orchard level 1
Have 1 crushing mill level 1
56,000 Sugar Dollars
20 sweet almonds
Task 8 A small treasure :
Have 2 sugar fields level 1 60,0000 Sugar Dollars
3 x sweet soil
Task 9 A fluffy mascot :
Have 1 alpaca pen 36,0000 Sugar Dollars
10 premium alpaca food
70 pasture grass
Task 10 Worth a try :
Have 1 composter level 1 32,000 Sugar Dollars
20 sweet leaves
Task 11 Like a pro :
Begin production of crushed almonds 40,000 Sugar Dollars
15 sugar cane
Task 12 Sweet taste of success :
Use sweet soil 20,000 Sugar Dollars
2 premium sweet soil
Task 13 Worth Your While :
Have a cocoa tree orchard level 1 32,000 Sugar Dollars
20 alpaca feed
20 cocoa powder
Task 14 A True Delicacy :
Donate Marzipan for the Candy Palace 72,000 Sugar Dollars
40,000 vouchers
Task 15 Nothing but the best :
Donate Chocolate
to the Candy Palace
96,000 Sugar Dollars
60,000 vouchers
The sidebar will state there are no more tasks for this farm. once you finish Task 15. There will be more tasks available when you complete Level 5 of the Candy Castle (7,000 points).
Task 16 Black-and-white bandits :
Have a sweet cherry orchard lvl 2 38,000 vouchers
40 sweet cherries
15 sweet leaves
Task 17 Hidden talents :
Have a sweet almond orchard lvl 2 44,000 vouchers
75 sweet almonds
20 sweet leaves
Task 18 Learning from experience :
Have a cocoa tree orchard lvl 2 46,000 vouchers
120 cocoa beans
30 sweet leaves
Task 19 Motivation is everything :
Have 2 sugar fields lvl 2 48,000 vouchers
5 premium sweet soil
Task 20 Bigger and better! :
Have one sugar mill Lvl 2 40,000 vouchers
50 sugar cane
30 sugar beets
Task 21 That sounds like work! :
Have one crushing mill lvl 2 38,000 vouchers
20 crushed almonds
30 cocoa powder
Task 22 Comfort above all :
Have 2 Alpaca pens lvl 2 50,000 Vouchers
40 Premium alpaca feed
120 pasture grass
Task 23 Mobile constructions :
Have a candy factory lvl 2 60,000 vouchers
10 marzipan
5 gingerbread hearts
Candy Factory production Crushing mill production Other production Land expansions
Sugar mill Production Composter production Hard Work Rewards Upgrade cost
NOTE: Temporary farms are very expensive to build there are a few things you should consider before you decide to try one of them...
The first thing to consider is, do you like filling the captains orders for the ship? Once you start a temp farm the captain will always ask for island seeds whether you have them of not making it hard to continue filling the ship from that point on.
Next are your 3 main farms established enough to maintain a steady income? If you're not higher than level 80 with a steady income of $4,000,000 a day I suggest that you pass on the temp farms. The least you could expect to spend on a temp farm is 80-100 million farm dollars. QUOTE: Uncle John (GB1) "For as little as $4,000,000 one can earn enough to keep the Ship minimum loaded with fruit."
The last thing to note is, the temp farms only last 24 days. They involve steady game play for 24 days or your wasting your time and money. They don't make you any money in return, the only reason to run a temp farm is for decorations, horseshoes, houses and unique farm buildings.
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