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Angie6704 asked if I could make a list to help keep track of the market contracts, so I came up with this. Please let me know if I missed anything.
For those of you that would like to just print a copy and keep it updated with a pencil and giant eraser follow this link and click on Print. Printed version only has 2 boxex.

For those of you that would rather not print a copy, I've come up with this fast and easy way to keep the list updated with Windows Paint. Some time ago adoptapet told me how she would take a screenshot of temp farm task list and use Windows Paint to erace the task as she completed them, thinking of that gave me this idea so thank you adoptapet.
Step 1: Right click on the market list image on the right and select "Save image".

Remember where you save the image.

You will only have to save it once.

Step 2: Now go to the directory where you saved the image and right click on the file. Select "Open with" then select "Paint". You will only have to do this once.
Step 3: Now close Paint program without doing anything.
Step 4: Click on your Windows "Start" button then from the list click on "Paint" then just click on the
"Pin to list" thumbtack.

You will only have to pin it once.

NOTE: Now every time you want to use the Market check list in Paint just click on the Windows "Start" button then from the list click on "Paint" and the list will be there.

Open the check list with Windows Paint first and you'll notice the icon right there on your Taskbar for easy access threw out the day making it easy to keep track of your contracts and add new ones.

My tower is going to look so much better now without all those stick-up notes :)
UPDATE SEPT 2016: The image was updated to give you more room to easily erase your finished contracts and for those times when a product in in more than 1 contract

Notice how I've marked my two egg contracts. The 6,200 represents the limited contract and the checkmark on the box will draw your attention to the fact that you have one.

Using Windows paint to edit the Organic Market check list.
No you will not need a crash course in Windows Paint. All you'll need to know is 4 simple little things...
This is the
Text button.
This is the
Eraser button.
This is the
Save button.
This is the
Undo button.
This is what your pointer will look like when you click on the Text button. I try to line it up in the center of the blocks to make things easer when I use the Eraser.
Take some time to mess around with it and see what works the best for you before you actually save your image.
NOTE: As I mentioned on the Organic Market page, when it comes to the Limited contracts.
Let's say you have a contract for 6,200 eggs but you only have 5,350 eggs. The best thing to do is wait until the chickens are ready to harvest and then start the contract. Empty your storage of eggs for the order then harvest the chickens and finish the contract. So go ahead and mark those boxes for limited contracts, but hold onto them until you know you can fill the, granted you can fill them.
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