how to Log onto Test server
Farm Templates
Common bugs and workarounds

Log out of your live account.

Do not use your saved bookmark to log onto the game.

You will want to click on this "Reconnect" button instead.

On the next window you'll see this pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

Select "TEST-Server 1" from the selection of servers.

The window will reload once you select the TEST-Server 1.

Now you are ready to create your new account for the test server.

They ask that you use the same "Email" address that you used for your live account, read below.

QUOTE CM Latten: "To receive rewards for your live account, please keep in mind to register on the test server using the same email address you are currently using on your home server."

Once you've got your new account created click on the "Play" button.

Don't forget: To collect your free
350 gold and 1,000 farm dollars.
You will get it e-mailed to you just
by confirming your Email address.

NOTE: I did notice that you must be logged off your Live account and
onto your TEST-Server account to get your gift. The link they mail to
you loads the active farm and no it will not post to your Live account.


One last thing to mention. You cannot access the Forum from the test server. Here is a link for the TEST-Server forum you must be logged on your Live account forum to use the link or the Forum page will be blank.

A few more things worth mentioning
Play both servers at the same time and save yourself the hassle of switching between accounts. After talking to others, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox seem to get along nicely.

Load your Live server on your favorite Browser then load the TEST-Server on the other Browser. Make a bookmark on both browsers and they will log you on each server automatically.

Be sure you check your e-mail every day. GGS has been sending free gifts for the TEST-Server farm every day. To make sure I get the free gifts I right-click on the "Collect it now" link and select "Copy link address" then paste that address into the Browser I use for the TEST-Server.

At the bottom of this page you'll find Templates that I've put together for the TEST-Server farms and a list of common bugs and workarounds.
It is very easy to switch between accounts once you've created your new TEST-Server account.
STEP 1: Log out of your live account.
STEP 2: Click on this "Reconnect" button.▼

STEP 3: Select "TEST-Server 1" from the list.▼

The game will remember you and log you onto your TEST-Server account automatically.

When you are ready to return to your Live account.
STEP 1: Log out of your TEST-Server account.
STEP 2: Click on this "Reconnect" button.▼

STEP 3: Select "United States 1" from the list.▼

The game will remember you and log you onto your Live Server account automatically.

BREAKING NEWS: Anissa0012 pointed out how the MF and GF are now 6x6 with a total of 36 plots instead of 5x5 with a total of 25 plots and the FF is now 4x9 with a total of 36 plots giving us 11 more plots. Now that is exciting news. She also pointed out the buildable are on the Horse ranch. (not active yet) I think this may be the Village where the Village dollars come in, who knows.
Anissa0012 also pointed out how the Bakery has a "Produce last" button so let's hope that the Shop will have one too.

More notes from CM Latten▼

The test server is, first and foremost, used to test all our new features in a real environment, so please expect bugs, crashes, game problems and other inconveniences. Also, to properly test everything, we can and will wipe the server, delete accounts or items (including normal and premium currency). This also includes Gold you bought on the store, since the store will also be available on the test server.

Before you buy gold on the test server, please be aware that it will not be a permanent purchase, and it can and probably will be deleted during game tests.

Rewards for your help

We will give out rewards to all players helping us on the test server from time to time! These rewards will, of course, be credited to your live accounts, so you can keep them forever. :) Some rewards might be given out to all players on the test server, others can be exclusive to players who do their best to actively participate by playing a lot, by sending in bug reports and so on. More details on this will follow.

To receive rewards for your live account, please keep in mind to register on the test server using the same email address you are currently using on your home server.

The Test Server Forum

We also set up a forum exclusively for the test server, so you can easily share your findings, bugs or feedback to us! You should be able to reach it by clicking on the "Go to forum" button in the game while you're playing on the test server. If that doesn't work, you can also use this link:

Please use your regular forum accounts in the Test Server Forum as well.

After opening the forums at (or by clicking on the Forum link in the game, while being on the testserver), you should be logged in with your regular account.

If you are not, a page should open up on which you should be able to select your language and server (please select your regular server here), and log in with your current user name and password.

If you have any questions, let us know in the discussion thread.

Have fun on the test server,

your CM Team

I copied these notes from this post on the GGS Forum
This Main farm Template will take you to level 25 where it's time to start on the Gourmet farm.

I plan to keep this template as it is while I work on my Gourmet farm.

You will not be able to clear the last plot until level 27 unless you use gold. I saved the plot with the nursery for last. For now stick the nursery where the 2nd apple orchard goes. I also stuck my composter and a 5x5 deco where the 5th field would go until I reached level 27.

Each building only levels to the point where Steve is needed. The fence and gate only to level 4.

All workers are from the farmhouse and simple houses only, no Crop chopper. (tractors are bugged for now)

Decos marked "free" are rewards from events and 2 cleared plots.

Take some of you free gold and buy a few needed decos while the Theme events are still active.
Here are a few I bought...

  • 5x4 - Hawaiian Fountain - 350 gold
  • 4x3 - Mysterious Relic - 235 gold
  • 7x3 - Clothesline - 250 gold
  • 6x3 - Pile of goods - 450 gold x2
  • 5x3 - Western windmill - 2,000 gold
Common bugs and workarounds
Watering trees - BUG: Cannot visit teammates farms to water trees without crashing. WORKAROUND: Wait for your teammates to log on then water their tree.
Festive spirit event - BUG: The second time you click on the event your game darkens and you can't do anything. WORKAROUND: The event is working properly, just refresh each time after you do click on it.
Stored decos - BUG: When you store your deco you cannot retrieve it. WORKAROUND: Do not store your decos. Use the Layout mode to rearrange your farm, the "Local inventory" for decos does work properly.
Market walkers - BUG: They take your goods but don't pay. WORKAROUND: I have found the walkers do pay you but you can't tell until you refresh. Try it for yourself to be sure they do pay you. When you notice a walker didn't pay, write down your total farm dollars, then refresh and see if you have more farm dollars.
Please feel free to notify me with any other bugs you would like to share.
Last updated : Thursday, August 25, 2016
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