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I will be happy to add any additional information players would like to share on missions.

Each player in a mission gets RP based on their own score & then, in addition, each (except the one in last place) also gets a % of the total RP earned by all the players.
Any players with 0 score are eliminated, so a mission of 6 players where 2 players have 0 score, will count as a mission of 4 players, with the 4th place player being "last".
The % of the total RP that each player earns, varies depending on the number of active players in the missions: 
2 players = 100% - 0% 
3 players = 100% - 50% - 0% 
4 players = 100% - 90% - 10% - 0% 
5 players = 100% - 90% - 40% - 10% - 0% 
6 players = 100% - 90% - 80% - 20% - 10% - 0% 
So as you can see, it is definitely much more beneficial for lower level players to be drawn again those with much higher scores & even big gold users, as long as they do not come in last place. 
Thank you KarenKay 

Shelving a mission means you leave the mission at the current amount you have and can now enter a new mission. You cannot go back to harvest more once you shelve a mission. There will be a minimum amount you have to harvest before you can shelve but if you have the stackmaster active you can shelve without having to harvest anything.
When you shelve a mission you can no longer improve your total in that mission, however other players can still improve their total for the next 20 minutes unless they shelve the mission before then. 
Thank you ninjahuman (AU1)
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