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Layout mode
Another great addition to the game. Nice job GGS

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That's right!  According to this post on the forum they will be bringing back the Layout mode.
The Layout mode lets you easily rearrange the buildings on your farm. Clear up some space by dropping buildings into the building storage and then placing them back onto your farm. Your new farm layout will only be applied once all buildings have been placed and you have confirmed your new layout. If you make a mistake hitting cancel puts everything back where it was.
You can store your decorations in the easily accessible Local inventory.

When you click on the Layout mode button you'll get this window.
    The top section is where you
store the buildings on your farm.

You must click on
"Local inventory"
to open deco storage.

The bottom section is where you
store your decorations.

At the top of your screen you'll see these buttons.
When you click on the "Outline view" button your farm will change to this image giving you a better view to rearrange your farm.
Sometimes the buildings are a bit stubborn.

This is your new Rotate button, also located at the top of your screen. With a building or deco stuck on your pointer you can always use this button to rotate the building or deco.
Better yet just use your keyboard arrow keys. (left & right)

When you first open the Layout mode your farm will look like this image with a clear view giving you a chance to click on your buildings and drag them into the storage area.
some helpful notes...
You can place everything on your farm into the Layout mode storage area.
Buildings do not have to be idol to store them.
You can not move decorations to another farm with this new storage.
The Layout mode work on the temporary farms. Use your arrow keys to flip builds.
Last updated : Friday, August 31, 2018
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