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You will notice this icon on each of the maps.

This video shows you how easy the new site layout was meant to be.
NOTE: Video coming soon. I have not been able to make this video for you yet due to a cough left over from the flue.
These past few months we have had so much trouble with the present comment box so my son found us a new one.
This new comment box works very much like  the present one that we are all used to. I'll be installing it on Thursday the 15th.

STEP A: To enter your comment click on "Leave your comment"
STEP B: To add an image to your post click on "Insert image"
STEP C: To make your post click on "Post Comment".
STEP D: If this is your first time making a post you must log in (see image below). This is simply getting registered to the comment box on my site. You will only have to do it once then you'll always be remembered. Your e-mail address will be saved on a cripted list.
STEP E: You may use other profiles such as FaceBook, Google or Twitter.
STEP F: You may register just for The Crazybigfarm site fast and easy. The name you chose will be shown on each post but no one ever sees your e-mail.
STEP G: You may chose to login as a guest each time but that means you'll have to click on the "Login" (D above) each time you want to make a post.
This will remember the name you have chosen to use each time by cookies, but you will not be saved the step of clicking on "Login" after your post.
Your Avatar will match that of FaceBook, Google, Twitter or what ever you have chosen. IF you go ahead and register for The CrazyBigfarm comment box you will be able to upload your own avatar when you click on your user name.
You will also be able to reply to other's post with this new comment box.
The new slot will appear as a tab on the original building slot.
New construction tokens will be available as rewards in events. 50 tokens can be stored in your inventory and each use of the second building slot costs 50 tokens.
Once you have collected enough tokens the next construction will be activated in the new slot, which will deduct the tokens it costs to build that item. You will then be able to add an additional construction to your regular slot.
PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you have 50 construction tokens available, any item you choose to construct will always be sent to the new construction slot first, even with a low construction time.
A dialogue will inform you when you have enough tokens to use the slot so please plan accordingly and your building slot will have a green outline like the image shown on the right.
This includes decorations with a rebuild time, such as decos with VHP. Library books can only be upgraded/built one at a time and you will be unable to upgrade 2 books at once in the construction slot.
And thatís it, itís as simple as that! This slot will be usable for any building or decoration on any farm (except temp farms which will retain their temporary extra construction slot).
WARNING: We do not have any control over when our hard earned construction tokens get used so be very careful to keep watch of how many you have so you don't waste them on a 2 second decoration.
Last updated : Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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