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Click on the "Zoom in" button of the Chat Window to open the Cooperative Menu shown on the right.

Once you have the Cooperative Menu open, click on the "Overview" tab and from there click on the "Donate dollars" button.

Then this window will open asking you for the amount of farm dollars that you would like to donate.

Never click on "Max amount" or you will donate all your money.

The easiest way to donate is to double click on that 500 amount that pops up automatically, then type in the amount yourself.
Say you want to donate 1 million farm dollars. Just keep saying to yourself "6 zeros" so you don't enter 10 million by mistake. Been there, done that and it isn't pretty.

Once you have your correct total in, after you double check, click on the "Donate dollars" button.

Easy as that!   count your zeros!
You give 1,000,000 Farm dollars but the Co-op gets 1,600,000 due to the +60% bonus for Subsides research being complete.
HINT: Once you've typed in the amount that you want to donate, click on a clear spot anywhere on the window to change the total, giving you commas where they belong (shown above). This way you can double check before you hit Donate.
Four simple steps:

Zoom in chat window.
Select Overview tab.
Select Donate dollars.
Type in the amount to donate.
Select Donate dollars.
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