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Click on the "Zoom in" button of the Chat Window to open the Cooperative Menu shown on the right.

Once you have the Cooperative Menu open, click on the "Cooperative project" tab and look threw the list of projects for one without a green checkmark. The checkmark shows that the project has all it's needed collectables. Once you find one that needs more collectables click on the "Collection details" button for that project.

Notice on the right all the projects have a green checkmark except for Egg scramble. When you click on Egg scramble from the list the Details window will change and you see the "Collection details" button.
Then one of the following windows will open (shown below). This image shows that you have enough Teamwork in your collectables to donate and you simply have to click on the "Contribute" button to donate them.
This image shows that you do not have enough Teamwork in your collectables and you will not be able to donate them at this time. When you mouse over the Teamwork image it will show how many you do have compared to what is needed.
This image (shown on right) shows the "Contribute" button is now orange meaning you have donated the needed Teamwork.

New farmers are given a side task asking them to donate to a Cooperative project. At some time you may be asked to remove your collectables from a project so that a new Co-op member can get credit for the side task. Simply click on the "Take back" button to remove your collectables from Egg scramble.
Four simple steps:

Zoom in chat window.
Select Cooperative project tab.
Select an unchecked project.
Select Collection details.
Select Contribute.
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