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The Co-op Basics is a re-make of Larino's page here.
Starting out in a co-op may seem a little daunting at first. All those little tabs, talk about doing a project and starting research, it can be a bit much to soak in.
That is why we made this handy overview of all the terms and possibilities of a co-op. Let’s review each tab in the co-op screen.
In the overview you can see some info about the co-op, like how many people there are and can be in the co-op, but the most important features on this page are the news and the donate buttons.
The news contains important information about projects and research, so make sure to read it every time you log in.
The donate buttons are also important, since the co-op needs farm dollars to start research. There is also a gold donation button but you are in no way obligated to donate any gold.
Here you can find information about all members of the co-op. Who is the leader, who are the deputies, levels, online status, you name it.
A place to chat with members from all around the world and at any given time there are nice people to talk to or ask questions to.
We do projects to level up our co-op, because just like your own farm, the co-op has a level and needs experience. Leveling up opens up more research possibilities so we can boost all kinds of things for our members, more on that in the research section.
Before we can start a project we need to donate collectables into it, those things you sometimes get when working on your farm such as tractors or cash registers. After that is done the management of the co-op can start a project. Every project requires different products to be made in a set amount of time.
Lets look at “The complete movie experience”, at this time it requires us to make 14.000 corn in 24 hours (until we level up the project itself). Every time you make corn on your fields while this project is active you contribute to it. And it works the same for all projects, so no need to sell things, collect things or click a special donate button (like in some quests). Every harvest of the required product counts towards our project. After a project has completed we get a certain amount of experience for the co-op (the co-op level can be seen in the top left corner of the cooperative screen) and after a few times we might also get a level up on the project itself, this means it will be harder the next time.
There are 5 different types of research; Cooperative project, Cooperative, Main farm, Gourmet farm (2 sections) and Flower farm.
In the little drop down menu, under the main tabs at the top, you can select which category you want to look at.
The researches in Cooperative project are for making projects simpler to do and start. The Cooperative section holds researches that have to do with the co-op itself, like expanding.
Under Main farm, Gourmet farm and Flower farm you can find researches that boost the money you get for all kinds of farm products on all three farms.
Once in a while you will get notice, both via a group message and in the news section, that we want to start a research. If this happens we would like you to sign up as a researcher as soon as possible.
It is very important that you sign up as a researcher before donating dollars directly. All research requires members to provide a researcher and each research has a start-up cost that is paid directly from the co-op general fund. Since you can only sign yourself up once, and we occasionally need as many researchers as we have members (or more), we sometimes have to wait for all members to sign up before we can start the research. If you are donating directly to the co-op general fund, and thus don’t have enough money to become a researcher, everyone is waiting on you, while if you sign up first, everyone else can help donating the money that is needed to start.
While you can use gold to sign up as a researcher, you are in no way obligated to do that. But if you want to buy a researcher for gold, that researcher can come in alongside the one you bought with dollars. You could even fill all slots with gold if you wanted, but I have to stress this again, you are in no way required to do so and we are actually opposed to this. We like to give everyone the chance to participate and together get a feeling of achievement for starting and finishing a research. We feel this is what a cooperative is all about.
Do note: a dollar researcher can be taken back at any time before the research start button has been clicked by the leader or deputies. A gold researcher can never be taken back.
Everybody that is in a co-op has probably noticed the shovel icons on the member tab. But what are these? And how do they work? Find out in this post!

What are shovels?

The shovels calculate the project contribution of members to the co-op. The more shovels you have, the better you contributed to the running projects. The ultimate rank of shovels is the golden shovel and rake icon. If you have that icon, you are top contributor. But do keep working on those projects, because you may lose that rank soon if you let go of the reigns for just a bit. The shovels get re-calculated after every project! Here is a screenshot with all possible shovel indications:

Every orange shovel indicates a new rank of contribution in projects. The golden shovel indication in the last line is added in front of your name and can basically be added to any of the ranks as long as it is the highest in the co-op. Thus, it is possible that the golden shovel is given to somebody with 4 or any other number of orange shovels. It is also possible that several people get the golden shovel; in case the calculation comes up with a shared 1st position.

How are these shovels calculated?
The shovels are calculated over the 5 most recently run projects, weighing the best 4 heaviest and of those 4 the last project weighs heaviest as well. How exactly the formula works is not clear. What is clear is that it includes your level, the amount you contributed to each project, the level of the project, the maximum possible amount of co-op members and possibly also what your farm is capable of producing.
I just entered a co-op and my line shows no data is available. Why is that?
When you have just entered a co-op it is not possible for the formula to calculate anything. After 2 projects have ran in which you were at least in the co-op, your line will show data as well. Do note that the shovels will not be completely accurate yet, as the formula needs at least 5 projects to calculate an accurate rank.
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