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welcome xx
Hi everyone,

Thank you for helping me welcome xx to Farmers First!

Head on over to water the newest co-op tree and say "Howdy".

Welcome, xx We are all so glad you are here.


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Welcome! 1 of 2

We don't push to be #1 in the Co-op challenge. Even so, there's no reason for 0s on the board, every little bit helps. You don't have to be in the top 10 list of members, but do a few missions each day in support of those who are.

Active farming is a must with participation in Co-op projects and Team events. Our project list is found on the Co-op Overview page.

We never start League challenges but work together to fill counter challenges.

Donations are always welcomed and needed for CC and CHWE boosters.

Welcome! 2 of 2

On the Co-op Overview page you will find a list of planned Village upgrades. Feel free to donate upgrade materials to all buildings when needed, but please do not vote on them.

We work as a team to repair our Jetty twice a day to guarantee our rewards so any help with the needed edge plants is greatly appreciated.

Please use the Chat menu to ask for or thank others for sparkles instead of the co-op message system.

My website full of game info: http://crazybigfarm.tk/index.html