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The Village guide to help you get started was written by black-.-angel.
The Edge Plants Spreadsheet written by Southern (US1)

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Starting a Village League Challenge  
  MY SUGGESTION: Ask 2 or more deputies to oversee the Village upgrades like I did.
  Keep a list on the co-op Overview page of all buildings to be upgraded in order. That way members know where their materials are needed the most, less waste this way.
  Once a building gets enough votes the upgrade starts on it's own so make sure members know NOT to vote on them at all, this will save unnecessary stress. Send a 15 minute warning before upgrade starts so members may start a long production or exchange money in the bank.

Leveling your Cooperative Village.
You get experience points by building and upgrading buildings in the village and every time you start a production in the two factories.
You can only upgrade one building at a time on the Village. The building upgrade will not effect your permanent farms upgrade slot!
Whoever starts a production of any kind will not be able to start an upgrade until production is complete. However, anyone not producing at the moment will be able to start the building upgrade.

Village happiness
New decorations have started coming out with Village happiness and Rebuild times.

Each member of the Co-op controls their own Village happiness by placing these new decorations on their farms.
Place them on your MF, GF and FF and they can not be swapped between farms.

The "Rebuild Time" prevents people from picking up 10 "regular" decos off their farm, dropping 10 "village" decos to replace them, then going to the village to start producing 100 bricks (at a reduced cost because of the 10 village deco), then returning and swapping out those decos again.

So you'll have to decide when placing your deco if you want high farm happiness, high village happiness, or a split of the 2.

Special Village products made on your permanent farms

These special products must be made with Village dollars.
The production cost on these special products is determined by your permanent farms normal happiness.
Totals are from a level 8 Windmill on the Main farm Totals are from a level 7 Bakery on the Gourmet farm Totals are from a level 8 Shop on the Flower farm.
Windmill Time Experience points for building this. Needed materials
Concentrated pellets
x 4
0:30:00 200 Wildflowers
x 195

Production time decreases each level.


Total needed materials decreases each level.

  Concentrated pellets Quantity remains the same each level.





Production time remains the same.

Total needed materials decreases each level.

Quantities remain the same each level.

NOTE: The Farm Flash tractor will not work on
any of these recipes.
TIP FROM TheGabi (US1): None of these recipes
take materials from you bakery storage, they
come straight from your barns.
Bakery Time Experience points for building this. Needed materials
Honey pellets
x 3
0:30:00 500 Honey
x 141
Concentrated pellets
x 5
Horse treats
x 4
2:00:00 2,000 Apples
x 290
x 114
x 72
Hot milk
x 7
3:00:00 3,000 Milk
x 816
Thermo bottle
x 7
x 74
Boxed fruitcake
x 2
4:00:00 4,000 Fruit cake with cream
x 376
x 29
Timber box
x 2
Cherry cookies
x 7
1:00:00 1,000 Cherries
x 199
x 204
x 61
Traveler's lunchbox
x 2
5:00:00 5,000 Cherry cookies
x 6
Sushi plate
x 114
Timber box
x 2
Shop Time Experience points for building this. Needed materials
Sailor's fragrance
x 3
4:00:00 4,000 Floral Perfume
x 160
Timber box
x 3
Glass flacon
x 3
Citrus Fruits
x 152
x 5

You must have a level 7 Shop.


Production time remains the same.


Total needed materials remains the same.


Sailor's fragrance Quantity increased by 1 each level past 8.





Thank you Sennea (US1)
for pointing out that these recipes also give village XP.
NOTE: For those of you that end up with a locked windmill after you make Concentrated pellets, try this...
If you go to your farm management, (cooperative tab), Pellets are the 1st item on page 1, sell some from there & that should unlock your windmill. Tip from WascallyWabbit
Currently, there are some ways to earn VH Deco:  Thank you Surya54 (INT1)
1. Completing Themed Event will give you deco with VH. The VH value based on difficulty level.
2. With at least 10K village medals, you can purchase hay bale with 5 VH. More medals is better (better deco and/or more VH)
3. The co-op championship at bronze league or better provide deco with VH (the better your league, the more deco you can get (max. 3 at gold league)).
4. Completing milestones in temporary farm (Chapter in Island/Viking Farm or Every 5 levels in candy farm) provide you a deco(s) with VH.
5. By finishing horse season at platinum league, you can get a deco with VH (value can be increased by placing at diamond league or win the horse season)
6. Other annual events will allow you to obtain/purchase VH Deco as well.
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