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Most of the information on this page was taken from this forum post on November 6 2018.
Q: Where can subscriptions be purchased?
A: In the subscription menu which will be available directly in the game, in the bottom row.

Q: When will they be available?
A: There was an update planned for Thursday Nov 8th, which has now been postponed until next week - We had not officially announced it yet, as the date was unconfirmed, but it would appear that Support has informed some of you of that date & it has also been mentioned a couple of times in posts. - We plan to post the announcement of the update contents tomorrow & we will let you know the new date as soon as we have it. Thank you WascallyWabbit Moderator

Q: Are the benefits from the co-op package counting only for me and those other members who also signed up for a subscription, or for my whole co-op?
A: Some benefits of the co-op package can be used by the whole co-op regardless of whether the other members are subscribed as well, and some can only be used by you.

Q: Can a single player buy the subscription for the whole cooperative?
A: No. Each player can only purchase subscription packages for themselves.

Q: From which level onward can I get a subscription package?
A: Players can purchase a subscription package from level 7 onward.

Q: What do the packages include?
A: The Convenience Package will include unlimited free usage of the Production Repeat and the Turbo Harvester.
The Co-op Package consists of many different boosters and reductions which increase with each new coop member subscribing. With each new member subscribing new bonuses/reductions will be unlocked or already active one's will be increased.

Q: What are the precise costs?
A: There are two different subscription packages available. The Convenience pack will cost 4.99 and the Co-op pack 9,99. If you decide to get both packages it will be 14.98.

Q: How do the bonus percentages add up in a co-operative?
A: With each new member subscribing new bonuses and reductions will be unlocked or already active one's will be increased.

Q: Is the Convenience package included in the Co-op package?
A: No. The Convenience pack and the Co-op pack doesn't have an overlap in the benefits they give.

Q: What are the possible ways of payment?
A: You can pay by Credit Card, Bank Account or PayPal.

Q: Can small co-ops purchase the Co-op package as well?
A: Yes, any cooperative can purchase the co-op package as long as the purchasing member reached at least level 7.

Q: Can a subscription start any time/can the month start at any time or is it first to last of the month?
A: Players can start their subscription at any time. A subscription payment is good for one month, counting from the day the player started the subscription. For example, say you start your subscription on the 15th, then you can enjoy your subscription benefits until the 15th of the following month. The 15th is also your regular billing date, so the cycle repeats until you cancel your subscription.

Q: What do I do if I want to cancel the subscription?
A: Once you started a subscription you will receive an email from us to confirm this. Make sure to store this email somewhere safe because with this email you can un-subscribe from our subscription again. Therefore please make sure to use a valid email address! A subscription runs until the date when the auto renew would happen.

Q: Is it an automated payment or can we choose how and when to pay each time?
A: It is an automated payment but you can change your method of payment by canceling and re-subscribing again with a different payment method.

Q: Can we pay with gold?
A: No, it is not possible to pay with gold.

Q: How long are the subscription periods?
A: They are one month from the day you start your subscription - no long term commitments or contracts. If your subscription starts on the 15th, it renews on the 15th of the following months. Players can join and cancel any time. Canceling a subscription means your subscription ends with the next (non-)renewal date.

Q: Will other members of my cooperative be able to see if I have bought subscription packages?
A: No. The members of your cooperative can't see if you bought a subscription package or not. For the Co-op Package it is only displayed how many members have bought it but not who.
Convenience Package 4.99
The Convenience Package offers you the chance to use our all new convenience features at a really great value! If you use these features a lot then this is the pack for you.
You will have unlimited use of both the Harvest-All and Repeat-Harvest panels while your subscription is active, saving you a heck of a lot of gold and allowing you to spend a little more time on the things you love about Big Farm.
Players with the subscription will of course have to use these features manually by clicking on them, they will not automatically activate.
Co-op Package 14.98
The Co-op Package consists of many different boosters and reductions which increase with each new coop member subscribing. With each new member subscribing new bonuses/reductions will be unlocked or already active one's will be increased.
For the whole co-op
-Less costs for researchers
-Increase duration of coop projects
-Less materials required for co-op village buildings (Bank smuggler boat, lumber mill, brickyard, job center, storage, horse meadow)
-Reduced duration for co-op village buildings (Bank, Smuggler, lumber mill, Brickyard, Job center, Storage, horse meadow)
-Increased outcome for textile & timber productions
-Increased outcome for mineral & metal productions
For you
-Less materials required for market contracts
-Less materials required for fish market contracts
-Increased cash outcome market contracts
-Increased cash outcome fish market contract
-Increased XP outcome for regular productions
-Less tokens required for second building slot
-Less costs for horse training
-Less damage from edge plants
-Increased outcome for edge plants (growing materials)
-Increased outcome of specialists
A solid overview about the percentages etc. can be found in game once the subscription packages are live as well as at a later time here.
Last updated : Tuesday, November 06, 2018
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