Lester's Secret Stash outside the farm top
Lester's stash will help you to complete contracts on the organic market. Similar to the other two new buildings, it will have 80 Levels and can be upgraded with both, Dollars or gold. The stash is a farm environment building, located near the market. It will be available from level 14 on.
With the introduction of the stash, a new selection will be added to the product donation screen of the market. With this, you can select one product from any contract, which Lester will help you on. For the selected product, you will receive one additional percent for each level of your secret stash.
Generally, for each upgrade stage of Lester's secret stash, 1 additional % of a market contract can be added to one specific contract product.
- You can only activate the button for one product at a time, which then will be boosted by Lester.
- Boosted products may be changed until the contract is finished.
- If products are switched, the previously boosted product will fall back to its unboosted state.
- One product in each current contract can be marked at the same time. 
- Lester's stash will change appearance every 10 stages (Stage 10, 20, etc)

MY OPINION: Lester's stash is level 4 on my farm for now until GGS sees it in their hearts to lower the upgrade cost. Take a look at the image on the right and see how the 4% saved me 19 Honey cream from my barns. My barns hold 5,350 and the contract was for 724.
I feel that Lester's secret stash will be a great addition to your farm. Keep in mind that it is geared to the end-game and the upgrade cost is very high, but take your time and upgrade it to level 5 for now.
UPDATE JUNE 3: I have more upgrade prices for you.  These prices take us up to level 20 with 4 gaps in between.  They were sent to me this morning by DuffyKid, Thank you Duffy :).
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