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The Horse Ranch is composed of the following 5 usable buildings: Stable, Riding Circle, Show Jumping Course, Riding Arena and Competition Transporter.

Rose will give you tasks that guide you through the unlocking process for each building. In order to get the first horse ranch task, you need to be level 16 and have finished the first ship task that asks you to provide goods for one of the ship slots.

NOTE: The temporary island farms are very expensive, so if your permanent farms are NOT built up enough to maintain a steady income of say 4 million or more a day then you should hold off on doing any of the temp farms. There are other ways to get needed horseshoes and start training your horses. Just to mention a few, any of the Hard Worker events and the Cooperative Championship or just by filling Organic market contracts.

Follow the links at the top of the page for more detailed information on each section of the Ranch.
Thanks to this post written by Larino, Alabaster, Pingo and Aedman, because I'm far from a horse expert.


Your Stable will introduce Goldy as your first horse. Each time you level your stable you will unlock another stall. With each unlocked stall, you will be able to purchase a horse with 10 competition horseshoes. Just click on an empty box and choose a new horse to purchase.
Your own horse(s)
Of course you will be able to name your current and future horses - even Goldy can be renamed.
As with all naming processes, giving the first individual name will be free, every other name change will cost gold.
Similar to your dog's age display, you will be able to tell how old any of your horses are.
Attributes and attribute levels
Each horse has 3 attributes that play a vital role in competitions:
How strong each of these attributes are is determined by attribute levels that can be raised through training.
Breeding information
In a future update, you will be able to tell which generation of breeding your horse is from. It will be shown at the top right of each horse's portrait.
When you bread your horses you loose the parents and only keep the foal.
Your horses' 3 attributes can be improved by training on the training grounds
Training your horses takes horseshoes and rewards you with training points which are needed to increase attribute levels.
Player horses can now reach level 100.
Higher levels take more XP from training. You won't see attribute gains until you complete a whole level of training in an attribute.
I did purchase a horse from the shop, that's it there in the Details window. ▲ As you can see it's nothing special, just a level 0 Goldy. Soon I will be giving Larino's Horsebreeding 101 a try and see how it goes. I'll be back then with more information.
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