the Library outside the farm top

The Library is an interactive building, on the outskirts of your farm near the Cooperative tree, that sells Farm Booster Handbooks to increase the yields of your produce. The Library upgrades as your Handbooks upgrade.

The Handbooks are permanent and can be upgraded like buildings for gold.

Each upgrade of the handbook costs more gold than the previous upgrade. Handbooks can be purchased for 20% less gold during one of the Prime sales.

Here is a printable Checklist for you to keep track of all your Handbooks. The next time a Prime sale comes up, you'll be ready.

NEW MAY 2016
Legacy of the Mayans

Professor James has set up his Book Stand right there in front of the Library. He appears between the flag and co-op tree, and will stay for 8 hours only, you might call him the Handbook Architect.

Professor James sells level 7 Handbooks for gold to those of you that already have the preceding level 6 Handbook. These new farm boosters are permanent and must be built.

These upgrades are a bit pricy, but they offer more then normal upgrades.
example: Corn Handbook upgrades give you 3 more corn at the most for each upgrade where the level 7 upgrade will give you +12.

If you do not have any level 5 Handbooks then Professor James will not bring his book stand to your farm. With that being said, I'd like to thank AlabasterGamer for the screenshots and the info on this new event. I have updated this information as Professor James visits me now.

NOTE: Less stress on eyes to scroll list with mouse wheel.
Thank you r0b33 (HU1) for completing the Handbook price list.

Your Library will change it's appearances once you've purchased the appropriate number of books.
Thanks to RunsWivScissors (GB1) we now have images of each appearance.
Thank you Southern (US1) for pointing this image out to me :)
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