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20   Thanks to magdalenka1978 (PL1) for taking the time to send me all the the screenshots we now have a listing of all the Activity and Ranking rewards for the Cooperative Championship Masters league.
19 UPDATE updated all buildings and land expansions for the Candy Farm Strategy Guide
15 UPDATE updated the Beach garden with upgrade cost
12 NEW added a page for the new Beach garden
10 UPDATE updated the Cooperative Championship with the new Masters league
  UPDATE Decorations added the newest decos
8 NEW added the Summer country manor to the Buildings pages
7 NEW added a page for the Football Fever event
1 UPDATE ABCs of Big Farm is now up-to-date
    MAY 2019
28 NEW added pages for the other 3 Pleasure Park citrus groves.
I will also be updating all special buildings with info on where to get them. Mouse over these icons for information. ►
19 NEW added a page for the new Country manor, the page needs the upgrade cost please
18 NEW added a page for the Pleasure Park and a page for the new Majestic citrus grove
6 UPDATE updated the lucky coins Big farm deals! with the % of discount so now you'll know what is offered ahead of time
3 NEW Added my Horse meadow walkthrough to the Cooperative Village Horse Meadow page
    APRIL 2019
11 NEW Uploaded the How-To video for the Farm Goal Sheets I made this video a while ago but wasn't happy with the way it came out but it was requested so I've uploaded it until I make a new one.
4 UPDATE Updated the changes to the Village Fair page, but still working on the personal hard work rewards
    MARCH 2019
28 UPDATE add the new Farm Machine levels to the Garage page
28 NEW added information on the Gold confirmation
10 UPDATE updated the Wedding Planner with the correct amounts needed
10 UPDATE added the WWC Hard worker rewards to Cooperative Championship
8 UPDATE updated the cost of temp farm Land expansions Land expansions
6 UPDATE added the ranking rewards for the WWC Wheel of Fortune
4 UPDATE corrected all base totals for special buildings that had been increased or decreased in the past
2 NEW added a page for the WWC Wheel of Fortune but I still need to add the ranking rewards
    FEBRUARY 2019
24 UPDATE corrected the amounts of base apples you get from each level at harvest for the Cooperative Apple orchard
I will now double check all special buildings to make sure they have the correct base amounts.
21 UPDATE Updated the CCs Hard worker rewards Cooperative Championship now choose super feed instead of construction tokens.
19 UPDATE Updated the "Game Announcements & Bugs" (located at the bottom of Home page) with information on the Feb 21st scheduled game update.
10 UPDATE Updated the CCs Hard worker rewards Cooperative Championship
    JANUARY 2019
31 UPDATE Updated the "Game Announcements & Bugs" (located at the bottom of Home page) with HTML5 FAQ & Troubleshooting.
27 UPDATE Update level 56 - 999 hard work rewards for the Fishing Hard Worker Event
25 NEW I made a How-To video for the new Layout mode to show you how fast and easy it is to use and it work flawlessly!
24 UPDATE Updated the CC ranking rewards
23 UPDATE Updated the "Game Announcements & Bugs" (located at the bottom of Home page) with information on tomorrows scheduled game update. If the date changes I will post an update.
21 NEW With help from my son we have moved to a new secure server and The CrazyBigfarm has it's own SSL Certificate. Now that we have made this move I had put the Comment box back on the Home page.
21 NEW Added a link to my YouTube Channel as I plan to add more helpful videos for farms, events and buildings soon.
12 NEW Finished the page for the new Decoration Valley
7 UPDATE Finally! I've got all the Library Handbooks all updated. That took a very long time.
5 UPDATE Updated the Candy farm bare-bones template to include a level 2 Sugar mill. This mill will increase your overall vouchers.
    DECEMBER 2018
13 UPDATE added build times and rewarded XP for all building upgrades on MF, GF and FF MF Buildings
12 UPDATE updated the Exchange rate list for Santa's Workshop with the missing items
1 NEW add the Daily Login Bonuses to the Beginners Guide
    NOVEMBER 2018
25 NEW added the Big Farm club to the Farm Menu bar
14 NEW added Loading DSF boats to the Fast links printable section
111 UPDATE updated some of my printable worksheets Fish market Price Chart, Harvest times reference sheet, Market contract sheets, Shinkei-Suijaki Cards, The Architect upgrades also see the Laminating tips if you are interested
7 NEW added printable Market contract sheets for you to keep track of your Organic and Fish market contracts
6 NEW information on the Subscription Packages for those of you that don't travel the BigFarm forum
    OCTOBER 2018
21 NEW Building Appearances added Booster Appearances information to the page.
15 NEW Website Map This page explains what you can expect from each page listed on the Main page of my website.
    SEPTEMBER 2018
29 UPDATE speed run rewards have been corrected for Mysterious Asia
29 UPDATE speed run rewards have been corrected for Not of this World
24 NEW all 3 giant cowsheds are done now and added to the MF Buildings page
24 NEW finished the Copious Cowshed page found on the MF Buildings page
22 UPDATE updated the food stands and added crop info on the Oktoberfest!
18 UPDATE Cooperatives pages are all updated with all information having to do with cooperatives
11 NEW added a Google search on Home page that will only search my site for a word or words. Opens a list of pages in a new tab that will match your word(s)
6 UPDATE added available decorations to the Candy Farm Strategy Guide
5 NEW Repeat Harvester a convenience feature which allows you to start multiple productions on the same building with one click
    AUGUST 2018
30 UPDATE updated the Cooperatives pages to make it clearer to understand and added more information
27 UPDATE updated the Cooperative Tree page to show more and only cooperative tree information
24 NEW Links to all events in the Parking lot are now listed on one page in alphabetical order Parking Lot events
23 UPDATE added "Back Home" buttons to all event pages that will take you back to the home page.
  UPDATE done with the final update to the Village Fair page.
21 UPDATE updated the Harvest times reference sheet today Used a larger font for an easy glance and listed the shorter times for speed feed and fertilizer. I just hope that I am not too late and everyone has printed out the other one yet.
  NEW added the new Village fair WOF to the Wheel of Fortune page.
20 UPDATE added a Harvest times reference sheet to the Village Fair page.
17 NEW added the new Village Fair page to the Recurring & Annual Events
15 UPDATE Decorations added the 2 newest decos on Floor 63 Prancing unicorn & Pegasus carousel
10 UPDATE The Architect's upgrades The upgrade sheets have all been updated. I have also made printable sheets for all farms.
4 NEW Decoration tower Here you will find all decorations in the game showing their information and where to get them.
    JULY 2018
31 UPDATE Weekly Themed Events as requested, I've made all pages less confusing on where to acquire drops and produce.
21 NEW Turbo Harvester added a page for the new button on the How-To everyday activities page
Northern lights Goat stable
Viking Goat stable
corrected the numbers for totals per harvest
30 UPDATE FF Buildings started working on the FF pages to make them look like the new lay-out.
25 UPDATE GF Buildings started working on the GF pages to make them look like the new lay-out.
24 UPDATE MF Buildings started working on the MF pages to make them look like the new lay-out.
Now all the special buildings will have their own page with a tool-tip on what makes them so special.
20 UPDATE Hard Worker Event updated the activity rewards for players Level 150 - 999
19 NEW FIFA World Cup schedule added link to Home page so you can check on teams to donate for
10 UPDATE Co-op Hard Worker Event updated the activity rewards for players Level 150 - 999
8 UPDATE Cooperative Championship updated the activity rewards
4 NEW Grand house added a page for the 15x5 Grand house
1 UPDATE Updated the calendar link with June's calendar, updated the tropical pigsty with correct totals, updated the grand house with the new level 8 upgrade.
    MAY 2018
6 UPDATE I have set the calendar icon on the World map page to open the new GGS Google calendar for you.
5 NEW HOW-TO navigate The CrazyBigfarm a video to show how easy I intended the new layout to work
2 NEW Efficient olive grove added the new 10x6 olive grove
    MARCH 2018
29 UPDATE Here's to Nature added the new Speed run list
26 NEW 2nd building slot added info for the new Extra Construction Slot
25 UPDATE A Quite visitor updated decos and location maps
20 UPDATE Not of this World added the new Speed run list
17 UPDATE A Hint of Hawaii added the new Speed run list
15 UPDATE St. Patrick’s Day! added new leprechaun location maps
11 UPDATE Mysterious Asia added the new Speed run list
    Food Truck updated with new items to replace edge plants and lower amounts needed for cups, carrots and napkins
7 NEW Added a calendar icon to the World map, hold mouse pointer over it to get a list of monthly events.
2 UPDATE I added the new World map to the Home page and now I'm working on the Main farm map.
1 UPDATE I have taken down the images maps for now until I get new ones made. I mistakenly copied some of r0b33's code and in all fairness to him I will be making my own image maps with my own code, sorry for any incontinence.
    FEBRUARY 2018
26 UPDATE Chinese New Year updated the reward list
  NEW Added the ABCs of Big Farm to the World map page
25 UPDATE Today was the first day of the websites new Face-Lift.
plans for today = work on the Deep Sea Fishing map
  UPDATE Ready, Set, Snow new look & navigation done
  UPDATE Buildings new look and navigation done
  UPDATE Dockyard new look and navigation done
  UPDATE Goldfish rescue new look and navigation done
  UPDATE Fishing Hard Worker Event with r0b33's charts
  UPDATE Shinkei Suijaku School updated rewards
  UPDATE Valentine Event new design & balloon maps
  NEW Co-op Hard Worker Event with r0b33's charts
    JANUARY 2018
  NEW Buy and Sell prices all produce in BigFarm
  UPDATE Wedding Planner with new drop rates
  UPDATE Cooperative Championship updated rewards
  NEW Wedding Planner new Theme event 01/10/2018
  NEW Food Truck new Theme event 01/02/2018
    NOVEMBER 2017
  UPDATE Hard Worker Event added CHWE information
  NEW Village pond upgrade chart
  NEW Goldfish rescue rescue goldfish for VHP
  UPDATE Gourmet farm Template added the 6x7 plots
  UPDATE GF Expansions added 37 - 42 plot prices
  UPDATE MF Expansions added 37 - 42 plot prices
  UPDATE Worldwide Championship added latest changes
  UPDATE Main farm Template added the new 7x6 plots
    OCTOBER 2017
  UPDATE Dockyard updated the images
  UPDATE Trick or Treat! added new DSF items to the list
  UPDATE I have noticed that I lost most of my commentators and I don't want that to happen. Everyone helps each other with the comments. So I am going back to the old comment box.
  UPDATE Dockyard latest news 10/14/2017
  NEW missions helpful things to know
  UPDATE Reference sheet updated fish sell prices
  UPDATE Fish Market added notes about contracts
  UPDATE Dockyard Calculator prices and Travel Times
  UPDATE I've taken down my Event Calendar and replaced it with a link to Southern's
  UPDATE Library added each appearance image
    SEPTEMBER 2017
  NEW MF Cat Tree plus GF and FF Cat trees
  UPDATE MF windmill, silo and composter done
  UPDATE Farmhouse, cabins and all Houses done
  NEW Oktoberfest new to the Village
    AUGUST 2017
  UPDATE Event Calendar added Candy farm 9/12
  UPDATE FF Apiary Sweet apiary totals corrected
  UPDATE Fish Hard Worker added more information
    JULY 2017
  UPDATE Added special building charts for all farms
  UPDATE Famous Mushroom Stew w/location maps
  NEW Fish Market new to the Fishing area
  NEW Obon Festival Similar to Ready, Set, Snow
  NEW Happy Hour Happy Hours & Weekend Bonus
    JUNE 2017
  UPDATE Mysterious Asia added level 7 due to WWC
  UPDATE Fairy Tale Time added level 7 due to WWC
  UPDATE MF Buildings added new levels for fertile field, spacious barn, fancy house, friendship meadow, grand house & all 3 nurseries.
  UPDATE Achievements added new Achievements
  UPDATE Here's to Nature added level 7 due to WWC
  NEW FF Nursery & Seeds
  NEW Worldwide Championship Long Term Points
  UPDATE Not of this World added level 7 due to WWC
  UPDATE DoctorX's Dockyard Calculator version 2.1
  NEW Shinkei Suijaku Concentration card game
  NEW Job center  edge plant specialists
  UPDATE Mermaid Bay added new seafood dishes
  NEW Dockyard Calculator equip your boats easy
  UPDATE The Architect and Hard worker trackers have been removed. You may now track them from the Event Calendar.
  UPDATE Candy Farm added bare-bones template
  UPDATE Farm laboratory added Mystery Boxes
    MAY 2017
  NEW Dockyard task list Dockyard Sidebar task
  NEW Oleg's task list Oleg Sidebar task
  NEW Dockyard  fish with a fleet of boats
  UPDATE Decorations find them faster and easer now
  UPDATE Main farm Buildings added links to all farms
  NEW Co-op Research requested page
  NEW Co-op Projects requested page
  NEW Starting a League Challenge requested page
  UPDATE Adventure's Boat all done
  NEW Village Production cost dollars and gold
M&M Factory
T&T Factory

Upgrade materials and totals have been corrected.

Added negative happiness points for each level.
  UPDATE Japanese Golden happiness charts updated
  UPDATE Warehouse updated and items corrected
  UPDATE M&M Factory updated and items corrected
  UPDATE Village Bank updated and items corrected
    APRIL 2017
  NEW League Reward Shop plan your wish list!
  NEW Big farm deals! under construction
  NEW Japanese Golden You've been pranked
  NEW Event Calendar BF events for each month
  UPDATE Cooperative Village updated most pages
    MARCH 2017
  UPDATE Oleg Fisher condensed information
  NEW ABCs of Big Farm if you don't see what your looking for on this list then I don't have it.
  UPDATE St. Patrick’s Day added landmarks to maps
  UPDATE St. Patrick’s Day added happiness charts
  NEW St. Patrick’s Day You've been pranked!
  NEW Greenhouse Calculator calculate fruit seeds
  UPDATE Oleg Fisher  added No Fail Catfish video
    FEBRUARY 2017
  UPDATE County Fair added candy location maps
  UPDATE Garage added new Farm Machines
  UPDATE Chinese New Year added happiness caps
    JANUARY 2017
  UPDATE Valentine added balloon location maps
  UPDATE Chinese New Year updated with more info
  UPDATE Ready, Set, Snow added a happiness chart
  UPDATE Theme events with complete spreadsheets
  NEW Village League What is it?
  NEW Cooperative Village 50% under construction
    DECEMBER 2016
  UPDATE Christmas Preparations added Chapter 5 info
  UPDATE Santa's Workshop see how to jip Santa!
  NEW Santa's Workshop Spin the wheel for decos!
  NEW Christmas Preparations Santa's Wish List
  NEW Advent Calendar 25 day Christmas event
  NEW Flash deals! Monica's deals low as $1
    NOVEMBER 2016
  NEW Expansion cost FF land expansion info
  NEW Expansion cost GF land expansion info
  NEW Expansion cost MF land expansion info
  UPDATE Mermaid Bay added Hourly profit sheet
  NEW Mermaid Bay FF Seafood Restaurant
    OCTOBER 2016
  NEW Halloween Halloween event
  NEW NPNG Tracker keep track of Hard Worker
  NEW Oleg Fisher  A fishing adventure
  NEW Anniversary 4 years of Big Farm!
  UPDATE Hard Worker added Productivity Gauge charts
  UPDATE Theme Events added drop chance charts
  UPDATE Library added all Handbook cost
  UPDATE Dog House added levels 8 - 10 information
  UPDATE Laboratory added all upgrade cost
  UPDATE Secret Stash added all upgrade cost
    SEPTEMBER 2016
  UPDATE Academy added all upgrade cost
  UPDATE Cooperative Championship added all rewards
  UPDATE Decorations added start page for new farmers
  UPDATE Viking farm updated with new world map
  UPDATE TEST-Server Live updated with new levels
  UPDATE Farm Goal Sheets updated with new levels
  UPDATE Buildings updated with new levels
  NEW TEST-Server Live Templates and info
  NEW Organic market check list printable image
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