This is a list of 26 tasks that need to be completed before the dockyard will unlock/be usable. Rowdy Rac's post here
The first small picture indicates the farm on which the task will appear (in the left hand task bar). check for changes ▲
The second picture shows what the task will look like  (when it presents in the left hand task bar).
1.)   Find the Fisherman
     Reward: Small bucket (level 1) 1x and Small tackle box (level 1) 1x

2.)   Donate eggs 10x and corn 10x
     Reward: Reed pole 1x

     i.) Learn how to fish
         Reward: Simple line 5x and Small minnow hook 5x
     ii.) Tell Oleg to fish for bass
         Reward: Reed pole 1x and Spinning reel 1x
     iii.) Start your training
         Reward: Simple line 5x and Small minnow hook 5x

4.)   Fish for 150 kg of bass
     Reward: FXP 2,500x

5.)   Donate 20 kg of carp
     Reward: Small minnow hook 20x and FXP 750x

6.)   Donate 80 kg of bluefish
     Reward: FXP 3,500x

7.)   Fish for 150 kg of bass
     Reward: Dollars 10,000x and FXP 2,500x

8.)   Donate 48 kg of bass and 20 kg of bluefish
     Reward: FXP 8,500x and Simple grouper bait 4x

9.)   Donate 75 kg of carp and 150 kg of bass
     Reward: FXP 10,000x and Dollars 20,000x

10.)   Donate 84 kg of bluefish
     Reward: FXP 2,500x

11.)   Donate 250 kg of catfish
     Reward: FXP 3,500x

12.)   Donate 32 kg of pickerel
     Reward: Thin monofilament line 10x and FXP 2,500x

13.)   Fish for 150 kg of carp, 230 kg of pickerel, 150 kg of bonito
     Reward: FXP 1,500x and Dollars 15,000x

14.)   Buy simple bass bait 1x and Use simple bass bait 1x
     Reward: FXP 5,000x and Sophisticated catfish bait 5x

15.)   Fish for 150 kg of catfish and 210 kg of bonito
     Reward: Sophisticated bonito bait 6x and FXP 4,000x

16.)   Fish for 230 kg of mahi-mahi
     Reward: FXP 4,000x and Sophisticated mahi-mahi bait 5x

17.)   Fish for 140 kg of bass and Donate eggs 140x
     Reward: Sophisticated bonito bait 6x and FXP 1,500x

18.)   Produce milk 150x
     Reward: Dollars 20,000x

19.)   Harvest wheat 150x
     Reward: Dollars 35,000x

20.)   Fish for 150 kg of bluefish and Donate apples 150x
     Reward: FXP 4,500x and Dollars 10,000x

21.)   Buy simple sturgeon bait 1x & Use simple sturgeon bait 1x
     Reward: FXP 4,500x

22.)   Buy drag reel 1x and medium monofilament line 1x
     Reward: FXP 12,000x

23.)   Donate 640 kg of sturgeon and 240 kg of pickerel
     Reward: FXP 35,000x

24.)   Donate 64 kg of bonito and 690 kg of sturgeon
     Reward: FXP 12,000x

25.)   Buy large bucket 1x and wooden pole 1x
     Reward: FXP 12,000x

26.)   Buy large minnow hook 1x and Use large minnow hook 1x
     Reward: FXP 4,500x
Special thanks goes to Black-.-Angel for her hard work in compiling this list of tasks and sharing it with us, Thank you.