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Fishing region

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Click on the Dockyard (from the Flower farm)
then click on Fishing region

Click on the FishingFishing icon
found on your Farm timers bar

Fishing pools
Image shows all 14 fishing areas, including travel time and possible hazards.▼

see Fishing pools for more information

Image courtesy of Pharmer (DE1), Thank you!    6/14/2017: I've updated the image to now show total travel time, there and back.

Manage boats
You can manage your boats in either of 3 ways.
Manage boatsClick on the Dockyard
then click on Manage boats
see Manage boats for more information
Equipment/crewClick on an available boat
then click on Equipment/Crew
see Equipment/Crew for more information
Click on an available fishing pool
then click on Go fishing
see Equipment/Crew for more information
Go fishing
Is by far the best and fastest way to load your boats and go fishing!

This video shows my thoughts on the best way to load your boats. watch the video
Last updated : Sunday, August 26, 2018
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