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As soon as you have complete all of the fishing tasks on your farms, you will get a task and a new ship will dock right next to Oleg on your Flower Farm!    Thank you Rowdy Rac ▼
This means that you must have completed all of Oleg's side task first. The last task you need to complete for that particular quest is called "Patience is silver but hooks are golden". Once you have finished that one (buying and using a large minnow hook), the dockyard will be fully unlocked.
After this step, a new deep sea fishing area will be available to explore!

From the dockyard you’ll be able to buy and upgrade boats and produce Chum.

Upgrading the dockyard allows you to buy more and better boats.

Getting started:    Mouse over icons for information
If nothing works... Check the taskbar on ALL of your farms, looking for any with a fish on the tab & it should be at the top of the list of tasks. Thank you WascallyWabbit (#18 has milk and #19 has wheat)
Click on the newFishingFishing icon found on your Farm timers bar. ►
You'll get a new task, Deep sea fishing. Omar wants you to buy a new boat so click on the Dockyard.
Only a Motorboat is available until your Dockyard gets upgraded.
After you buy the motorboat you will see it being built next to the doc. ►
see more information on boats here.
NOTES: You cannot buy a boat while the dockyard is upgrading.
The better the boat, the longer it takes to build. motorboat = 3 min
You may have a total of 14 boats in your fleet.
Soon as your Dockyard is upgraded demolish your old fleet for a new better one.
UPDATED 6/5/2017
GETTING STARTED: If you have the money to spend buy 14 Motorboats and equip them with 4 John each time you send them out.
4 John cost $6,400 and catches 7 fish
This way you have a fleet of boats, 4 at each area, out there fishing while you work on your Side task and upgrade your Dockyard.
Do not upgrade these Motorboats, save the money to upgrade the Dockyard and get better boats.
Dockyard upgrades:    Mouse over icons for information
Mouse over icons
for information.
Level 30 Building time New
Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade
Level 1 - Motorboat 20 -
Level 2 5:00:00 Runabout 30 750,000
Level 3 9:00:00 - 40 1,650,000
Level 4 12:00:00 Norfolk Wherry 50 2.800.000

TY Jolanda

Level 5 15:00:00 - 60 3,750,000
Level 6 20:00:00 Skipjack 75 5,200,000
Level 7 24:00:00 - 90 6,750,000


Level 8 32:00:00 Trawler 120 10,000,000

TY vlad

left: -510px; top: 40px Level 30     Total 30,900,000
You must have completed all of Oleg's side task first.
view Oleg's task list

You will also get FXP with each upgrade.

Upgrade your Hovercraft for extra FXP
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