Farm laboratory on the farm
The new Farm laboratory will give you lots and lots of possibilities. It will be available once per farm, and it will occupy a 5x5 space on the farm area, if you build it.

With the laboratory, you will be able to create superior items from other items, depending on the recipes you have. As an example for a possible recipe, you will be able to combine chicken feed and corn to produce premium chicken feed.

 For the future, many more recipes are planned to be implemented to keep the laboratory exciting!
Please note that the laboratory's graphics will not change visually when leveling up.
Important things to keep in mind.
When you build a new laboratory on a different farm you may make different recipes in each lab.
The production cost remains the same no mater what farm you place the laboratory on and no mater what level the lab is. A single batch of any recipe will always cost $10 and a max batch will always cost $100 no mater what you make.
As you upgrade your Laboratory the total ingredients needed for recipes will decrease but the production time stays the same.
example: A level 1 Laboratory can make 25 Premium Chicken feed and needs 30 Chicken feed and 20 Corn, but at level 100 the 25 Premium Chicken feed needs only 3 Chicken feed and 2 Corn.
NOTE: Totals do not decrease after each level.
example: At level 2 Corn went from 20 to 19, but didn't go down again until level 6 from 19 to 18.

MY OPINION: The Farm laboratory ranks right up there with the Water tower. It's a valuable building to have on your farm, in more ways than one :) Sure the upgrades are expensive but they will pay for themselves in no time. Just think of it, feeding all your animals and fertilizing all your trees with NO production cost. Here is a post I did showing how premium feed helps on a MF in the red.
Here is a post I did showing how there is no need for premium feed on a farm with good happiness.
The laboratory will benefit those of us who run our MF and/or GF in the RED the most.
When you are doing fine and have plenty of money, make premium products and stock pile them for your other farms for when you need to save some money.

Update June 1st 2016 - New Recipes for the Farm Laboratory
For many of the new recipes we will add a new resource: Catalyzers. These are only usable by the laboratory, and you will need them for higher level recipes.
You can not buy catalyzers directly, they will have to be created within the laboratory itself or gained via quests or events. (Catalyzers will be added as a reward for various future or current events, quests and tasks within upcoming updates)
Update November 2016 - New Recipes for the Farm Laboratory
The Laboratory can now make Seaweed feed, fertilizer and humus thanks to the Mermaid Bay.
Once your Fishing level is 61 you will be able to make special dishes in the Mermaid Bay that will drop the needed seaweed for these recipes.

UPDATE JUNE 2: I have more upgrade prices for you.  These prices take us up to level 23.
They were posted by Lesley52 (GB1) who translated them from 1_1 (RU1), I thank you both.
Thank you r0b33 (HU1) for completing the upgrade cost list.
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Levels 1 - 10 Levels 11 - 20 Levels 21 - 30 Levels 31 - 40
Levels 41 - 50 Levels 51 - 60 Levels 61 - 70 Levels 71 - 80
Levels 81 - 90 Levels 91 - 100 Catalyzer drops  

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