Cat Tree on the Main farm top
Main Cat Tree   Gourmet farm Cat Tree
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Upgrade times depend on Cabin Level
Cabin Level 2 - 10% reduction
Cabin Level 3 - 20% reduction
Cabin Level 4 - 30% reduction
Cabin Level 5 - 40% reduction
Cabin Level 6 - 45% reduction
Cabin Level 7 - 50% reduction

Once your Cat tree is built you will have to collect Charms on your farm to gain the cat's trust and convince it to stay on your farm, with you, by collecting charms - collect enough charms and the cat will happily remain on your farm.
You can collect charms from...
workers on your farm
Mixing plant
When you mouse over your cat tree a pop-up shows how your doing.
You will only have to collect these charms once :)
Once your pretty kitty has made its home on your farm it will be able to perform a daily action (similar to the dog) for rewards.
GGS NOTE: Initially there will only be a single level to the Cat Tree but we plan to add further levels and actions down the road. Our art team have a done a fantastic job bringing our furry feline friend to life for you despite the circumstances and we hope you love it as much as we do!
Main farm Cat tree Level Happiness Village happiness Tricks Trick experance Build
1 35 5 Hide! 100 35 250,000
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