Building Appearances and the Appearance System UPDATE AUG 2017: I will no longer list all the available Appearances. top

"Instead of having to deal with destroying your buildings for new ones, having a cluttered inventory with themed buildings you didn't put anywhere yet, and your theme decisions being pretty much final 'cause you wouldn't want to destroy a themed building again, we think there's a better way to do this. That's why we introduce the new building appearance system.
There will be no more upcoming themed buildings as you know them, but appearances that you can put on your regular buildings! For example, instead of a complete Hawaii chicken coop you'd have to build, you will now have the option of equipping an "Aloha chicken coop appearance" to your already existing chicken coop!" ◄quote from CM Latten JUNE 2016

- Appearances are alternative visuals for existing buildings. They usually change what the building looks like and DO NOT change the values or purpose of the building.
- Appearances can be available through the appearance shop, but also in events, as prizes, rewards and special offers.
- Appearances and the appearance shop can be accessed via a new tab in the upgrade dialogue. You can only open the appearance tab when an appearance is available for the building.
- You can use an appearance with any compatible building you like, and if you remove an appearance from a building, it will not be destroyed. It moves into your appearance storage and you can use it again.
- One appearance for each building. After using it on one building, it's taken out of your appearance inventory and can only be reused once it's been removed from that building or the building is destroyed.
NOTE: You can not assign an appearance when your building is busy so grab a post-it not to remind yourself that you have a new appearance waiting in the appearance shop.

 the Appearance Shop

Using the Doghouse as an example on how to use the Appearance Shop.

◄Step 1 - Click on your doghouse and select the Upgrade icon.


Step 2 - Click on the Appearance can. ►
NOTE: The can will be grayed out if you
don't have any skins for this building.

Step 3 - Click on the buy icon. ►
NOTE: If you obtained your skins
elsewhere then you'll skip this step.

Step 4 - Click on the Assign icon. ►

Step 5 - Click on the Remove appearance icon
at any time to switch appearances. ►

I posted a question in the GGS forum asking what happens to the building's new appearance when you upgrade it. Duffykid was kind enough to answer me right away with an in-game note saying that nothing happens to the new appearance.  Meaning it dose not change it's looks and it does not get destroyed. Thank you Duffy!!

NOTE: Once an appearance is added to the shop it will always be there so you may change between appearances when ever you'd like.  Just "Remove" the old and "Assign" the new.
NOTE: When you buy an appearance from say the Favorite Offers it will not go in your inventory it will go in the Appearance shop of the building you bought it for. Thank you TinaM1 for this information.
ADVICE: For those of you that do want to buy an appearance from the Favorite Offers make sure you know what you have and what you are getting before you spend your gold. An appearance for a field will not work on a fertile field. Some of the Simple houses appearances will work on Fancy and Island houses though and I will list them here if I know. Like AlabasterGamer says "One size dose not fit all!"
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