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Production farm
farm availability free at payer level 1
Buildings outside your fence:
Academy Page shows how much you can boost your earned experience by upgrading the Academy.
Cooperative Tree Page tells in detail what the cooperative tree is and what it dose.
Garage Page covers all the tractors you may build and upgrade to better your production on your farms.
Library Page tells all about the booster library books you may buy and upgrade to increase your produce.UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Organic Market Page explains how the market works and how to get the most out of it.
Secret Stash Page shows how much you can increase your contract produce by upgrading Lester's secret stash.
MF Buildings Database of all buildings you may build and upgrade inside the fence of your main farm.
Also outside your fence:
Oleg Fisher Page explains all about Oleg the fisherman found on all 3 production farms.
Parking Lot events Alphabetical database of all events that appear in the parking lot.
Buildings inside your fence:see MF Buildings for more information
Farmhouse Barn / Spacious barn Composter Water Tower
Field / Fertile field Silo Pigsty Cherry orchard
Windmill Apple orchard Fence Nursery
Chicken coop Doghouse Gate Workshop
Simple house / Fancy house Cat Tree Cowshed Farm laboratory
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