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Top Section Bottom Section Left Section Right Section Visiting others
Top Section
A: This is your Profile.
When you click on the image you'll get Your profile window telling all about you.see Profile windows for more information
You can win new profile images by racing in the Season races.see Accomplishments for more information
B: This is the Hot deals and Favorite offers area.
C: This is your Personal Info center.
Dollars - total dollars on hand
Experience - mouse over to show xp needed to reach the next level
Village dollars - total village dollars on hand, you must be in a co-op to exchange dollars
Gold - total gold on hand
- click on the + to purchase more gold,
click the x2 means you've won a Gold Doubler for your next gold purchase
see Gold Doublers for more information
D: This is the Farm Info center, each farm has it's own.
Happiness - you may mouse over for more informationsee Production cost for more information
Free workers - total free workers on hand
Boosters -  active for this farm, icons will be different according to booster
E: This is the Server time clock.
F: This is your Control panel.
Feed back - opens a pop-up for you to type in then send
Forum - opens the BigFarm forum page in another tab
Log out - this was bugged, make a BigFarm shortcut and just close the game tab to log out insted
Full screen - Puts your game in full screen mode
Options - opens the rest of the icons below this one
Zoom in - zooms the screen in, you can use your mouse wheel too
Zoom out - zooms the screen back out, you can use your mouse wheel too
Support - opens the BigFarm support page
Save account - opens a pop-up for you to save your game account
Settings - opens a pop-up where you can change game settings, image below F-1
Outline view - hides all buildings and decorations on your farm, image below F-2
Help - very useful Help system for the game.
Music on/off - left-click to turn on or off the background music
Sound on/off - left-click to turn on or off the production and animal sounds
Settings pop-up
When the game gets real lagged, like after an update, try these settings, image F-1.
Show animations turns on/off animations on decorations.
Farm names lets you change the name of each farm but cost gold.
Show fishing report turns on/off the screen that tell you how many fish caught pop-up.
Outline view, image F-2
This comes in very handy when rearranging your farms for a perfect fit.
Also helpful when doing search events, a pumpkin may be on a building.
bottom Section
A: This is your Chat window, you must be in a Cooperative.
Notification dot - notifies you there is new chat
Open/Close - click to open or close the window, image A-1
Zoom in - click to maximize the chat window, image A-2

There are 3 sizes for the Chat window 1- closed, 2- open and 3- maximized.

The button will open (1) the chat window and the button will close (2) it again. The button will maximize (3) the chat window.

The maximize chat window has a larger view making it easer to see past chat messages.
B: The drop-down lets you select to show activity or not.
This is the only window that will list any co-op Activity such as donations, Projects info or members coming and going.
C: This area holds a scrollable list of members in your co-op. You may click on members names to travel to their farm.
see Control panel for more information because the maximize Chat window is also your Cooperative's Control panel.
B: This is your Farm Menu bar.
see Farm Menu bar for more information
C: This is your Construction slot window.
Universal construction slot - shows upgrade progress, image C-1
One-time construction slot - shows upgrade progress, image C-2
Permanent farms can only have 1 upgrade at a time unless you have collected your 50 slot tokens for the One-time construction slot.see One-time construction slot for more information
When you view the One-time construction slot you'll notice on the left how many tokens you have collected as shown in the C-2 image to the right.
The One-time construction slot is not available on the Cooperative village or the temp farms. The Cooperative village has it's own Construction slot and the Candy, Tropic & Viking farms have their own Island build slot that cost 56,000 to activate. see Island build slot for more information
D: This is your Project/Mission panel. You must be in a co-op to do projects.
Project view - shows project progress, image D-1
Mission view - shows mission progress, image D-2
The project panel lets you monitor the active project and when you left-click the panel it opens the Projects window to start a new one. see Projects for more information
The mission panel lets you monitor your progress while doing missions and when you left-click the panel it opens the Mission window to get more info on your appoints.
As you can see in the image I am 1st but I still have about 20 minutes left so I might want to take a peek at my appoints to see who I am up against.see Missions for more information
left Section
This is your Task barsee Farm Task List for more information under construction
A: Clicking this arrow will open the farm slide-out menu, image A-1.
The Notification dots will let you know what farms have a done or new task.
Notice on the left I have a new task and a done task waiting for me to click on.
Clicking on the notification dot farm icon will open that farm's task list for you. This will save you from traveling to that farm when you are busy on another farm.
The new task notice will always appear at top of the list.
B: This section of each farm's task bar will always hold the task that you are closest to finishing.
C: You can't see this button in the image on the left
but left-click this arrow to hide the task bar.
right Section
This is your Farm Selection menu
On this menu you have clickable icons for each active farm showing time of closest produce to be complete, mouse-over farm icons to view the produce closest to be complete.
Left-click on any farm icon to travel to that farm.
When produce is ready to be harvested on a farm you'll notice a green checkmark.
Left-click to travel to the World map.
Event change:
This icon will appear on the screen for a few seconds letting you know that one of your events in the parking lot has changed some how.
Horse training complete:
This icon will appear on the screen for a few seconds letting you know that one of your horse training sessions is complete.
Produce complete:
This icon will appear on the screen for a few seconds letting you know that one of your farms has produce ready to be harvested.
Ship harbor: This timer shows how long you have before the FF ship docks again
A: Left-click to display the Turbo Harvester button
see Turbo Harvester for more information
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