Reported 20.12.2018 Active Fixed  
Village upgrades
Cooperative village upgrades now need to be voted on before the upgrades will start.
Reported 05.01.2018 Active Fixed  
CC personal booster
Restart Bigfarm and then the problem is cleared away so you may buy personal boosters.
WascallyWabbit 08.01.2019
Hello farmers, First of all: Thank you for your patience and sorry that we kept you waiting!

We can finally give you news on the problem with Santa’s Workshop which occurred during the Christmas break. During the 2nd run-time of Santa’s Workshop, from December 20th until January 1st, 240 gold was deducted under certain circumstances when the event was opened. We’ll give every player, who lost gold due to this faulty event behavior, their spent gold back. We were able to compile a list for this data and the reimbursement will be performed soon.The date will be given as soon as it’s confirmed.

The other issues, which occurred, will be dealt with over the next days and we’ll keep you informed in this thread.

Your Community Team

UPDATE 09.01.2019
WascallyWabbit 09.01.2019
Gold refunds have started - They are being done one server at a time, so don't panic if you haven't got yours yet & someone on another server has theirs.
UPDATE 10.01.2019
We recently compensated users for their gold losses in the Santa’s Workshop event. We have had a few cases where people complained they did not receive the correct amount of gold. This is not possible due to the way the compensation was performed, which we will give you some more details about here.
Gold lost in this event was not lost precisely as we first reported. The initial reports came in saying gold was being deducted once per day, but once the team was back in the office and able to check on the reports more fully we discovered that it was not as simple as opening the dialogue and gold disappearing on a daily basis. Instead, some very specific circumstances led to losses and so losses cannot be calculated by saying ‘I played on 4 days after the issue was reported, therefore I must have lost 4 days worth of gold’. Instead, we have used very precise tracking on the amounts spent to return the exact amount lost to each player that lost gold. CM has been forwarded a number of cases to check and in every case the amount given has been correct and exactly matches the amount lost. Some miscalculated their losses while others did not see a popup for the gold and assumed it had not been credited. If you have not seen a popup and should have received compensation it is very possible the credit came late, but in all cases the crediting of gold was successful and the method used to determine losses and compensation amounts was highly accurate and successful. If you lost gold to the Santa’s Workshop issue then you were on our list, and if you were on our list then you have already received gold compensation. Please be sure to refresh your browser and update your gold total, it may be possible that you did not receive a popup as some did but in all cases thus far the compensation has been 100% correct and accurate.
Thanks everyone, we are pleased we were able to deal with the situation so quickly after the team returned to the office in full force, we again apologise for any gold losses from the event and appreciate your assistance in reporting issues and helping us to track down the problem and getting it resolved.