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Achievement Set 1
No longer a novice!
Combine harvester
Growth spurt
Got eggs?
Achievement Set 2
Task hunter
Forever clicking bubbles
What's that smell?
Achievement Set 3
Wheat a minute...
Hey big spender
Happiness is Bliss
Apple bobber
Achievement Set 4
The bank loves you
Leaf it out
Cow feeder
There and back again
Achievement Set 5
Full Belly
Cherry Picker
Spinning Around
Adventure Time
Achievement Set 6
Oink, oink
Roses are red..
Dog whisperer
Achievement Set 7
I'm fruity and I know it
Dandy lions
Logistics expert
Achievement Set 8
Mmm, almonds!
Apple party
Donkey master
Quack quack
Achievement Set 9
Lavender lover
Sweet work!
Smooth and sweet
Info expert
Achievement Set 10
The harvest notes
Saddest fish in the sea
A fish a day
Underwater pigs
Achievement Set 11
Busy boats
What a catch
Sword challenge
Finest cuts