Matilda's Farm Academy on the farm top


Like the farm laboratory, the farm academy is a building with 100 available stages, which can be upgraded with both, Dollars or gold. In contrast to the laboratory though, It will be placed in the farm environment near the library, and it will be ready for use at level 10.

The academy will grant you a small amount of additional XP on top of all XP you get within the game. Each update will increase the amount of additional XP by one percent, if the building was upgraded to stage 100, it would give 100% XP on top of every XP outcome, doubling your XP gain.

- The farm school will be a passive building. When built, it will boost your XP on its own, without cool downs or required input.
- XP drops will show the complete amount of earned XP (regular + bonus XP)
- Game menus will show the regular amount of XP, without added bonus XP
Important: All XP values in the game have been multiplied by the factor 100, so we can properly add the bonuses from this building.
No values have been changed. This of course goes for every XP value in the game, level-up points, rewards, harvests etc.   Example: Previously 15 XP will now be shown and calculated as 1500 XP.

MY OPINION: I feel the Farm Academy will be a great addition to your farm. The cost of upgrading to level 3 will be affordable for lower level farmers and will be a great help to get your farm going.

The best thing about the Farm Academy is you do not have to fee up space or workers for the building!

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Thank you r0b33 for a complete upgrade cost list.
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