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Championship Coins can be saved up from one event to the next.
If you build more than one of the same type of deco with a booster, the boost effect is multiplied.

Keep an eye out for the new WWC WoF

TIP from WascallyWabbit
If you purchased a decoration with a booster on it, that will appear, as usual, in your dropbox.
If you have purchased a "Themed Building" that will appear in the Themed Buildings tab of your inventory, when you are on the correct farm - For example, if you bought a Viking Donkey Stable, you need to be on your Gourmet farm when you look in the themed buildings tab.
If you purchased an Appearance (skin) for a building, that will not show in your inventory, you need to click on the relevant building (when it is not in use) & select the paint pot icon from either the ring menu or the upgrade window.

If you purchased a "Specialist" he will not show on the ring-menu, you need to get him from the job center.

If you have looked in the correct place & your items are still not there, try reloading your game (CTRL+F5) & if they still have not appeared after a day, you will need to contact support, but, so far, they have all shown up eventually.

Last updated : Sunday, March 11, 2018
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