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Worldwide Championship
Duration:: 30 days (1 month)

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The Worldwide Championship is a Long Term Points Event that will last 30 days.

While the WWC is running, you’ll collect points and unlock activity rewards along the way by participating in the Horse Season, Temporary farm, Hard Work event, Cooperative Championship, Cooperative Village, Fishing and Fishing Hard Work event & more.

There will be individual rewards based on your ranking within your server and global rewards based on the performance of the best 100 players from all the servers internationally (more info below).

General Information:
A new icon will show up on your farm 1 week before the event starts. If you click on this icon you’ll be able to see the WWC calendar.
The event schedule for the month will be packed with different events to give you the opportunity to plan your activity and to obtain as many points as you want. This includes Hard Worker Events, Co-op Championships and a brand new event that will be described at a later point
The Happy Hour will be running during the Championship, with boosters aimed towards helping you earn even more points.

How it works:
To get activity rewards and climb the rankings you’ll need to collect 5 types of points:
Farm Points:
by harvesting fields
by collect goods from stables
by collect goods from production buildings
from greenhouse harvests
Horse Points:
finishing horse training (based on the amount of horseshoes used)
win tournament challenges
from ship loads
improving a horse in the horse meadow
Fish Points:
by playing the fishing mini-game and deep sea fishing
sending Oleg out to sea (For FXP or fishing)
producing in the Restaurant & Dockyard
earning activity and ranking rewards in the Fishing Hard Work Event.
Cooperative Points:
by harvesting edge plants
producing goods in the cooperative village
play missions
win rankings in the Co-op Championship
Event Points:
by completing themed event tasks.
by earning seashells, runes or vouchers during one of the temp farms.
earning activity and ranking rewards in the Hard Work Event (George’s)
You will be able to track how you are doing on each particular activity on the event menu.

International Rewards:
International status information: every Friday the event is running GGS will send you an ingame message with the current positions of all the servers.
After the WWC ends, GGS will gather the total amount of points of the top 100 farmers from each server and send you a message ingame with the top 3 winning servers! The complete ranking will be posted on our forums (within the following week) so you can see how your server is doing too, in case you’re not one of the top 3 on the first edition of the WWC.
UPDATE: The points for the server rankings will now be calculated differently to give smaller servers a more even chance. Instead of taking the top 100 players from each server, the scores will be calculated by considering the average of all players above lv 8. The more people you convince to join in and collect points, the better chance you have of winning!
There are no international rankings ingame. All the rewards will be credited during the week following the end of the WWC.
Last updated : Sunday, August 26, 2018
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