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Obon Festival
Duration: 7 days

Similar to the Snow Man one, a freshly looking event is coming to your farms. This time around, the Old Master will ask for your help to prepare the celebration for the Obon Festival!

In addition, Lucky Coins can drop from these harvests too and the Lucky Coins Trader will show up in your farms!     view the Big farm deals!

This box shows you what your decoration will look like and how much happiness it will have.►

Keep harvesting your fields, gardens and meadows to get as many lanterns as you can before the 7 days runs out. Drop rates are guaranteed. Say you have 10 fields, when harvested you'll get lanterns from each one.

This box shows the progress of your Snowman as you collect lanterns.►

Your new Festival deco will be in your drop box once the event ends.

Each level of happiness requires
a higher percentage for the next.
Click on the "happiness chart"
link above for more information.
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