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Benny's Runestone Trader
Benny Buddler will only stop by your farm during the Viking Farm event with his Runestone Trader truck to offer trades for your runestones.

He offers special seeds to use in your Greenhouse, exclusive decorations from your Island Farm, and a Tropical House that can hold more workers than a Simple House.

You use these seeds in the greenhouse to breed exotic fruits, which you can then load onto Captain Barnacle's ship when he docks in the harbor and asks for them. 

Tropical barter

I've collected every type of artifact and stone around the world - your's are the only ones missing from my collection! How would you feel about swapping a few of your runestones for these precious seeds and decorations?

Most of the time I can remain on your farm for another
7 days once the Island farm event is over.

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NOTE: Although the runestone decorations are fine and dandy as far as free decorations go, I would suggest that you replace them soon as possible because they are very large.
 example: The Cult stone is a 7x6 deco with 35 happiness. You could fit 2 smaller decos in that same spot and get more happiness.
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