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Landscape Architect: Once you reach level 50, the Landscape Designer, Greta Greensmith, will visit you farms periodically and appear as an event (like the Architect). She will help you improve the happiness of your existing decorations, and will disassemble decoration you no longer want. The decoration parts gained by disassembly can be used to improve existing decorations.

The Landscape Designer will be on the Main Farm, Gourmet Farm and Flower Farm simultaneously. From her menu, you can access decorations from the farm you're currently on, its local inventory, and from the drop box. Improvements and disassemblies will happen immediately, with no progress bar or build slot being used.
UPDATE OCT 2016: Greta  will visit you farms now at level 28.

Improving Decos
Existing decorations stored in your inventory, drop box, or used on your farm can now be improved by raising the happiness and the quality rating of the decoration. There will be no change to appearance.
  • Improvements can be bought with gold, dollars or decoration parts. Beware: the method of payment defaults to gold when you leave the menu and return, so always check before you choose to purchase your upgrade (or you may unintentionally spend all your gold very quickly).
  • When the Landscape Designer event is active, the menu will show all decorations that can be improved, as well as costs.
  • A countdown timer will show remaining event time.
  • The expected change in happiness and quality will also be shown before the actual improvement process (before you buy).
  • Each decoration has an upgrade limit (currently set at a rating of 6), which translates to approximately 8 happiness per square. (example: 3x3 deco has a max of 32 happiness, 4 x 4 approximately 128, 5 x 5 approximately 200, etc.) 
  • When a decoration reaches its upgrade limit, it will no longer appear on your list of items for Greta to upgrade even though it is still on your farm.
Step By Step
When the event is active, click on Greta's purple truck in the Parking Area.
If you like, click the Info tab for an overview.
Click the Improve Decoration tab to open the Improvement menu. 
Click the deco you would like to improve from the list on the left (scroll down to see more decos). The list is in order of cost to improve, with the most expensive items first. (Tip: scroll to the bottom for cheaper upgrades.) 
Clicking on a decoration opens info about that deco in the panel on the right, so you can see how many times you have already improved this deco, its happiness rating, the proposed new happiness rating, and the costs to improve the deco.
Click the tabs on the lower right to see your payment options for improving your decoration. (Tip: The default is Gold. I suggest using Decoration parts first.) 
Click the blue background Improve Decoration button in the lower right corner to purchase your upgrade.
Disassembling Decos
If you have many unused decorations or just need a quick way to get some decoration parts, you can also disassemble existing decorations. Apart from getting parts, this is a great method of making free room in your inventory.
  • You can filter which decorations you'd like to see: From the farm, Local inventory, Drop Box, or all.
  • Each decoration will display the quantity of that deco in inventory, its quality and happiness, and the expected amount of gained decoration parts.
  • Every disassembly gives you decoration parts, which can be used towards improving other decorations.
  • There will be a warning before disassembling a decoration, stating that the decoration will be destroyed in the process (you won't get it back). This warning can be disabled for the duration of the event.
  • You can use gold to buy a disassembly bonus. With the bonus active, you will receive more decoration parts from a specified number of future disassemblies.
  • Disassembly bonuses do not stack, so you need to finish one before buying a new one.
  • Disassembled parts remain in your inventory until you use them.
Step By Step
When the event is active, click on Greta's purple truck in the Parking Area.
If you like, click the Info tab for an overview.
Click the Dismantle Decoration tab to open the Disassembling menu. 
Select the boxes under the title of the farm you are on to filter which decorations you'd like to see and consider dismantling: From the farm, Local inventory, Drop Box, or all.
(Tip: Do not ever click the "From the Farm" box. Instead, store a deco from your farm in local inventory if you want to dismantle it. This will prevent accidental disassembly.) 
The list is in order of decoration parts awarded, with the most parts awarded appearing first. Clicking the green arrow on the right of the screen will show you more decorations. 
Click the dark tan background Dismantle Decoration button belonging to the decoration you want to disassemble. 
To confirm your decision to dismantle, click the Okay button in the popup. To skip the confirmation process on all subsequent dismantling for the length of time Greta is her for this event only, click the "Don't show until the next event" box before you click the Okay button. 
Your disassembled parts store in your inventory.
Decoration Ratings
To help new users understanding decorations, to better differentiate existing decos, and to prepare for upcoming features, GGS added a rating system for decorations.
  • Decorations are rated different values, based on their quality, from 1 to 6, as well as "S" which is classified as "unique."
  • "S" rated, unique, decorations (like the telescopes) cannot be upgraded.
  • Deco quality depends on different factors: decoration size, happiness value, difficulty to obtain, etc.
  • Quality is also shown as different colors in menus and when hovering over the decoration in the game.
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