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The Architect

Steve Screwdriver, appears once or twice per month (about every 3 weeks) on random days to upgrade the buildings on your Main Farm, Gourmet Farm and Flower Farm. He starts showing up when you have at least one building that he can help you upgrade. ►

On the days he is available, he will make 3 appearances of 5 hours each during that day with rest periods of 2 to 4 hours between each 5 hour work period. Rarely, depending on his mood, he may just come for one 7 hour visit.

For example, his 3 work periods could be 00:30 - 05:30, 09:00 - 14:00, and 17:00 - 22:00. Your upgrade only has to start while he is available so have your money and your upgrade slot available when you feel he is due for a visit. Use the following menu for upgrade cost.

Main Farm Gourmet Farm Flower Farm

◄ Steve will always give you a 5 minute warning before he leaves. When he arrives the first thing I do is click on his truck to clear the exclamation marks. I did notice that if you don't clear then then you don't get the 5 minute warning.

Another clue you can watch for is, Steve always arrives when Monica from the Trading Floor is already in the Parking lot. ► 
UPDATE FEB 2017: Monica seems to be off-track with her buddy
Steve these days. She's been here a week now and no Steve.

Steve’s visits are random, but you could make a prediction
based on his past behavior.

Architect Upgrade SheetsJAN 2016
Steve always seems to visit our farms when we aren't expecting him. Use these sheets to keep track of the fields, orchards and production buildings that are ready for the Architect upgrade.

see Event calendar for a record of the Architects visits.

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