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UPDATE 2017: They have increased the total Flyers needed for each player level group.
Thank you Nelma for the Player levels chart.

The County Fair: Collect 4,500 to 23.000 flyers from your main farm within 10 days depending on your level.
Collect 10 hidden candies each day for 10 days around your farm. Not all player candies are hidden in the same place.
Use the chart below to determine the total flyers need for your level.

16 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 44 45 - 49 50 - 56 57 - 79
4,500 6,800 7,600 8,700 9,800 10,400
80 - 99 100 - 119 120 - 139 140 - 169 170 - 199 200 - 999
11,400 12,000 13,000 15,000 18,000 23,000

Rewards For collecting all flyers.

Cake cart
Quality 4
Decoration collectionFloor 37

Rewards For collecting candies.
25 candies
Bronze mystery box
50 candies
Dollar package
75 candies
Reed pole
105 candies
Rose seeds
150 candies
Seaweed feed
175 candies
WOF tokens
220 candies
Simple mahi-mahi bait
245 candies
Seaweed Humus
275 candies
Sunflower seeds
300 candies
Seaweed Fertilizer

315 candies Candy pond
71 Quality 5 Decoration collectionFloor 37


candy locations▼

  Main farm
  Gourmet farm
  Flower farm
You can miss 3
a day and still
get your deco!

Thank you r0b33 (HU1) for the maps.

Extra help to find candies...
Outline view
For those times when you just can't find that last candy. Try using the Outline view under Settings.

Sometimes the candies end up on top of buildings or on the fence so it helps to remove buildings from your view.


Windows magnifier

Left-click your Windows Start button.

Type magnifier in the search window.

From the list, click on Magnifier icon.

Under "View" select Full screen.

Under "Options" select 100%.

Press the + icon to start magnifier.

Mouse zoom
Use your mouse wheel to zoom in on farms as much as possible to make it easer to find those candies.

Ultimate view = magnifier while you're zoomed in.
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