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Cooperative Championship
Duration:: 4 days

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You must be a member of a cooperative to participate in the Cooperative Championship.
Your cooperative will be ranked in the rookie, bronze, silver or gold league depending on it's performance in the past championship.  (Activity rewards last updated by me on 3/10/2019)
Click on the proper League below to view Activity rewards.
Monty seizes great opportunities when they arise, and so should you! Be sure to visit Monty's new championship wheel, which not only offers fantastic regular prizes like seeds, reputation boosts and feed to help you during the championship. The CC Wheel of Fortune will pop up during the event, so keep an eye on the Parking lot.
Cooperative Championship
Top league rewards

▼ Select one of the following leagues to view it's Hard work rewards.

  Rookie league Activity rewards   Bronze league Activity rewards   Silver league Activity rewards   Gold league Activity rewards
Two days before the championship starts we will get the Championship Timer. Notice, top of window states what league your cooperative is in. Members will be asked to vote for their cooperative's difficulty level during the championship.
Normal mode: special cooperative tree and 100% reputation points per mission.
Hard mode: special cooperative tree and 80% reputation points per mission.
Expert mode: special cooperative tree and 40% reputation points per mission.
The Hard worke rewards are the same whether you choose normal, hard or expert mode.
MY OPINION: Unless your Cooperative has agreed that they want to go for the #1 Top Ranking Coop then please, just select Normal mode and take your 100% reputation points. None of the rewards change except the Top league rewards so why put yourself and your Cooperative through all that stress, not to mention the Gold that would be spent.

Championship overview: The cooperative championship is where you and your cooperative can complete missions to collect as many reputation points as possible and climb the league rankings. The higher your league, the better the rewards!
This section contains all your co-op's league information such as what league your in and most active member in your co-op.
Your league: Complete missions to collect as many reputation points as possible to help your cooperative reach the top of the rankings! The best cooperatives will earn fantastic rewards based on the difficulty level they have selected.
This section will show you where your cooperative is in the ranks!
Member overview: Here you can see how each member of your cooperative is doing.  Best Cooperative Player Rewards
Booster shop: Boosters let you maximize the number of reputation points you earn from missions!
Personal Boosters: Buy these boosters yourself and they only boost your personal score.
Cooperative Boosters: Bought by your Leader/Deputies for the whole coop, boost the personal scores of everyone in the coop.
NOTE: Cooperative boosters do not cover new members. You must be a member at the time a booster is purchased.
view the Cooperative booster cost chart
Top players rankings: Here you can see the top 50 most active players in the cooperative championship at this time. Players are ranked according to the number of reputation points they collect from missions during active CC.
NOTE: Less stress on eyes to scroll list with mouse wheel.
The Weekend Special will now offer a Reputation booster. The reputation points booster earns you twice as many reputation points from completed missions during a cooperative championship.
Last updated : Sunday, March 10, 2019
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