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Orphanage Charity Drive
Duration:: 1 day

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Rita is planning to help the orphans in the orphanage, but she needs money to be able to do so. Where is she going to get that money? From you of course!
Donate as much as you can afford and she will reward you with a special telescope.
Be prepared to go broke! Some day I would like to have one of these on my farm just to say, hey I did it and got my telescope! Greta cannot upgrade it so I'm in no hurry.
Each telescope has a satisfaction point.
Use the happiness charts below
Happiness values are base values, you will get an additional bonus depending on your rank.
Simple Telescope
has a satisfaction between 1 - 48 happiness.
Beautiful Telescope
has a satisfaction between 49 - 64 happiness.
Valuable Telescope
has a satisfaction from 65 Happiness and up.
Rare Telescope is a reward for the top 3 players. Which type you will get depends on how much you donated. Therefore you will have to compete with the best and spend many many millions to stay on top..

0 extra happiness for rank 1000 or lower.
1 extra happiness for rank between 100 and 1000.
5 extra happiness for rank between 4 and 100.
10 extra happiness for rank 3 or higher.
Happiness gained from approximate dollar donations. ►
This chart was created by Prince Manish 3 here.
If you are going for a certain telescope make sure the base amount is the lowest happiness value or a bit higher. If you do not donate towards the base amount, you may drop in rankings near the end and lose those extra happiness points and also lose your nice graphic!
After you donated you will be placed in the rankings and you will see the happiness your telescope will have at the side when you hover over the smiley figure. Now you can wait until the time has run out to get this telescope or donate more over time if you would like. You do not need to donate all at once, so you have some time to recover and save more money. You can also donate towards a certain rank, in that case check in regularly to see how much you have dropped and donate more to get back to the rank you want. Be very careful at the end, most people donate lots more at the end to stay in their wanted rank, so you will be dropping rapidly in the last couple of minutes.
Last updated : Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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