Omar's Bazaar
random deals for gold

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Omar Al-Tajer will offer Farm dollars and various premium items at a discount in exchange for gold at The Bazaar.
Omar visits on random days approximately once per week and stays for 24 hours beginning and ending at midnight game time. Each of his offers will be available on a 10 minute timer. If you purchase the item offered, the next offer will be immediately available and the 10 minute timer will reset. If you do not view the next offer during its 10 minute period, the timer for the last viewed offer may continue until you view the next item. The offers alternate between a random item chosen from an item list and a random dollar offer chosen from a dollars list. Some offers are more common than others. 
 2/22/2018 - I will get these list updated soon as I can
Perminet Farm Offers Island Farm Offers Viking Farm Offers Candy Farm Offers
Last updated : Sunday, March 11, 2018
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