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St. Patrick’s Day!
Duration: 9 days

During this event, a group of leprechauns will visit your farms! As you know, leprechauns are very rare magical creatures who like to play hide-and-seek and prank people... but if you find them, you’ll get great rewards! The event will start on the 10th of March! Get ready!

The Leprechaun habitat grows as you increase it's happiness. ►

Decoration happiness:

Collect Clovers and Hats to increase

the Happiness chart and Village Happiness chart

of your new 4x4 Leprechaun habitat.
Your Co-op will work as a team on the Village happiness and all members will end up with the same VH.
Drops from crops only chart on all 3 permanent farms.
Rank 1 - 10
Leprechaun house skin

Rank 1 - 250
St. Patrick’s Day flag

You've been pranked:
You must open the event window to see if any
of your 3 permanent farms have been pranked.

location maps

main farm
gourmet farm
flower farm
The Arrow will be green if you've been pranked!
Clicking on that arrow will take you to the farm that has been pranked.

Find the leprechaun hiding somewhere on your farm. same spots Rudolph hid
Once you click on him the prank is removed. wait 5 hours until next prank

time after you get pranked so you'll know when 5 hours is up for next prank.
thank you r0b33 (HU1) for maps
Once you find the leprechaun, he will present
you with 3 pots and ask you to choose one!

You will get 1 of these 3 rewards.

Leprechaun treat
Leprechaun prank

NOTE: If your reward is another prank open the event window and click on the green arrow so it takes you to the correct farm to start searching for another leprechaun. 5 pranks in a row max

Quote from isha879_2 (US1): Did u know... If you can't find the leprechaun after he pranks you, refresh the screen and he relocates.
Quote from Southern (US1): Even if you harvest a pranked building by mistake you can still search for the leprechaun on that farm.

Hard work rewards: Total rewards received are dependent on players level...
8-14 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-59 60-79 80-99 100-119 120-149 150-999
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