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Duration: 16 days

A festival hall will be setup in your co-op village where customers can come and order their drinks and food.

Some smaller tents will also appear around the festival hall, each specializing in different foods and drinks.

You are tasked with producing various recipes in the smaller tents using your farm products to fill contacts in the large tent.

Oktoberfest: From the Oktoberfest building you can view the...
The Player and Cooperative rankings and The Hard Work rewards ►
The 4 different contracts that are available to you at the time.
You are tasked with producing various recipes in the smaller tents using your farm products. The newly produced items can then be used to fill contracts and serve customers in exchange for points in the event (Lesterís stash cannot be used to fill these contracts)
Contracts will feature a time limit - unlike other markets the time will begin to count down as soon as the contract appears.
The more visitors you have to your village festival hall, the more points you will be able to gain per contract! The number of visitors will increase with each completed contract but reduce when a contract is not completed.

Sleeping workers:
Sleeping workers can appear on any of your 3 main farms, but a exclamation bubble over the festival tent will alert you that one of your workers is slacking off.
You will find the sleeping workers outside your farm fences.
When you wake a sleeping worker, Tessa will give you the choice of three barrels, each containing a different reward, so keep those chefs motivated.
Check on the Sleeping workers building every 4 hours to have Tessa take you to the sleeping worker.
Once you find the sleeping worker just click on them to wake them up, then choose your reward.
The rewards will be a random amounts of one of the items that can be made in the smaller tents.
NOTE: Tessa appears to be getting confused about when she should display her !!! bubble. to alert you that you have a sleeping worker out there. The bubble should appear, approx every 4 hours, but it looks like when you arrive from another farm it disappears & if you pass your cursor over her wagon, it appears again (until you switch farms again or find the sleeping worker) So if it feels like more than 4 hours has passed, just put your cursor over her, when you are checking your productions, just in case she is hiding the bubble. Thank you WascallyWabbit

Fish booth
Fish stew x1 max x10
Bass- 11   Bonito- 15   Water- 1
Fish salad x1 max x10
Lambs lettuce- 40   Hogfish- 6   Herring- 6   Salmon- 1
sell price x1 = 640 sell price x1 = 3,080
NOTE: max 20 in storage NOTE: max 20 in storage
Players 3 - 29 need:   Bass- 1
Players 3 - 29 need:   Cabbage- 1   Bonito- 1

Juice bar

Apple juice x1 max x10
Apples- 200
Cherry juice x1 max x10
Cherries- 120   Sugar- 8
sell price x1 = 2,430 sell price x1 = 6,580
NOTE: max 20 in storage NOTE: max 20 in storage, must have Candy farm
Players 3 - 29 need:   Apples- 5
Players 3 - 29 need:   Cherries- 1   Water- 1

Corn booth

Corn on the cob x1 max x10
Corn- 90
Popcorn x1 max x10
Corn- 250   Olive Oil- 12
sell price x1 = 380 sell price x1 = 4,410
NOTE: max 20 in storage NOTE: max 20 in storage
Players 3 - 29 need:   Corn- 2
Players 3 - 29 need:   Corn- 3   Milk- 2

Ice cream van
Ice cream x1 max x10
Eggs- 150   Vanilla- 25   Alpaca milk- 20   Cream- 15
Frozen yogurt x1 max x10
Milk- 120   Honey- 16   Citrus fruit- 25
sell price x1 = 800 sell price x1 = 7,260
NOTE: max 20 in storage, must have Candy farm NOTE: max 20 in storage
Players 3 - 29 need:   Eggs- 1   Milk- 2
Players 3 - 29 need:   Milk- 2

Salad bar
Fresh salad x1 max x10
Cabbage- 90   Lambs lettuce- 30
Greek salad x1 max x10
Milk- 120   Lambs lettuce- 45   Olives- 12
sell price x1 = 740 sell price x1 = 4,330
NOTE: max 20 in storage NOTE: max 20 in storage
Players 3 - 29 need:   Cabbage- 1
Players 3 - 29 need:   Cabbage- 3   Milk- 3

Bakery booth
Pretzels x1 max x10
Wheat- 60   Milk- 150   Water- 1
Gingerbread hearts x1 max x10
Wheat- 80   Honey- 12   Cocoa powder- 30   Sugar- 6
sell price x1 = 1,510 sell price x1 = 6,000
NOTE: max 20 in storage NOTE: max 20 in storage, must have Candy farm
Players 3 - 29 need:   Wheat- 1   Eggs- 2
Players 3 - 29 need:   Wheat- 2   Eggs- 3   Milk- 4
This was sent to me by LilFarm (US1), thank you for sharing
Okay, so this is what I have observed about Oktoberfest and how I'm approaching it:
I do have the Candy Farm started, it's minimal, 2 fields, 1 cherry, 1 sweet almond, 1 coca, 1 alpaca pen. All of those are level 1. (I have lvl 1 books for fields, since that effectively makes them lvl 2 by default).
Anyway for strategy my recommendations would be:
Max out on 20/20 items before you start filling the contracts (at least the ones that take 4-5 hours to make 10 of em).
Do not fill a contract the minute it appears, wait until it's about ready to expire and/or you need to log-off for awhile (work, sleep, whatever else you do throughout the day). This allows you to pace yourself and restock items needed. This is extremely important on those 30 min contracts, if you complete 10 of them in 5 minutes, you'll run your stock super low with no time to stock up. The goal being to level up those contract values and to keep your visitors growing so they don't fall back to 300.
Make sure to log out -- it's my understand then that you'll only lose the values of the contracts you couldn't fill, and the new timers won't start until you log back in. If you wait for the timeout, you could end up losing more 'visitors' than necessary.
This would be a strategy for a non-gold spender who has a decently built farm and can afford to spend a bit of cash. As for me personally, even with the changed DSF, I still don't have a cash-flow problem.
The only tricky part is managing if you can afford to use the architect on your other farms, during temp farm season. I find for the temp farms, it works best if you follow the 'building' instructions per the tasks that are assigned. That tends to have the correct things in the correct order. But I always build my 'farmhouse' to max, and upgrade my bank to at least 1 million for exchange every 2 hours, as soon as possible.
I personally like the candy, since it seems to have shorter build times for things and 'less' overall items to build. (+ my kiddo loves the candy farm and likes to donate the candy for me).
Also the architect has been coming for 12 hours the last few times, about every 5-7 days or so. So as long as you know the start time, you can judge how much you can fit in. With the single 12 hour visit, our coop normally does a simple house + something large. Although the change to simple house upgrade level was an interesting suprise. I was rather bummed, I always make sure I have at least 2 of those ready to upgrade.
Another note, it's best, if you can find those 30 min, contracts that only lose 1-4 people if you don't complete it when you log off. This keeps that # fairly high in terms of points per contract.

UPDATE 10/18/17: To update on my Oktoberfest strategy
I was able to end up in the top 50 for my division with my strategy. Here's my quick recap:
1. max out goods before you start filling contracts (aka begin event)
2. fill contracts right before they expire (to give you time to build up goods)
3. if you are going to log-off, fill as many as possible till you run out of goods, have the buildings produce the 'long goods' till you come back (whatever time period that is). You can catch up on short goods while you are online. Hence why #2 is important.
4. log off to make sure a new contract won't start before you time-out
Once you are in the 25 value contracts, they get a bit tougher, if you aren't filling a 4-8 hour one and will be on for awhile, it's okay to decline it for a new one, if your goods are stocked up. It's about picking and choosing with what you can produce and/or not produce. I normally don't pre-fill contracts, but in order to make it work I'd need to pre-fill some of the 8 hour ones, so I could fill short ones in-between, due to only having storage of 20 items.
This allowed me to build up to 45k visitors and get a nice bonus on the contracts. My contracts at the end were 40 value. (I probably spent < 100g on the event). once or twice i screwed up my inhead calcuations and would be off by 2 minutes on harvesting to fill, so i'd use gold to speed that up. in general, i save all my gold for the water tower upgrades.
now i did end up having one level 3 and one level 2 alpaca pens, this allowed me to run the candy farm to level 7 and place decently in the oktoberfest event. if i do a temp farm, i build out for 15 days (1/2 way) then stop to focus on my farms. i also used steve each time he arrived, and one time was for a lvl 9 farmhouse (2 days).
hope that helps someone next time it rolls around. once of the cool things i like about this game is your strategy must always change based upon what others do and how the events are modified. it keeps you on your toes.
Last updated : Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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