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Japanese Golden Week!
Duration: 10 days

During this event you have to collect 2 types of pellets. Each pellet will increase the happiness of a decoration, personal happiness and village happiness. The event will start on April 26th Get ready!

The Special island grows as you increase it's happiness. ►

Decoration happiness
NHP Normal Happiness points: Individual Pellets - influence the amount of normal happiness the deco will have; influenced by individual activity only.
VHP Village Happiness points: Coop Pellets - the amount collected by the whole coop influences the amount of village happiness the deco has. The deco will have the same amount of village happiness for every member of the coop, no matter what your personal contribution is. (max. happiness values 119 NHP and 59 VHP) thank you artful (US1)

At the start of the event and on the 29th, 3rd, 4th & 5th there will be a double pellet drop booster (fireworks) active from 3am to 3pm CEST.

Prize A: Ranked 1 - 777

Golden Week flag

Prize B: Ranked 1 - 77
1 Gold
Mystery Box
also get prize A
Prize C: Ranked 1 - 7     (choose one below)       also get prizes A and B
Prize D: Ranked 1
Village happiness 15
1x1  Quality 8
also get prizes A, B and C

You must open the event window to see if any of your 3 permanent farms
have been pranked.

The Arrow will be green if you've been pranked! Clicking on that arrow will
take you to the farm that has been pranked.

Find the Tanuki hiding somewhere on your farm. same as leprechauns hid
Once you click on him the prank is removed. wait 4 hours until next prank

Write down your time after you get pranked so you'll know when 4 hours
is up for next prank.

Use the Leprechaun maps
the same hiding locations..
main farm gourmet farm flower farm

Pick a Pot
Once you find the Tanuki, he will present you with 3 pots and ask you to choose one!
You will get 1 of these 3 rewards.
Tanuki gift
Tanuki prank
NOTE: If your reward is another prank open the
event window and click on the green arrow so it
takes you to the correct farm to start searching
for another Tanuki. 5 pranks in a row max

The following tips worked on the St. Patrick’s leprechauns and they work on these Tanukis too.
Quote from isha879_2 (US1): Did u know... If you can't find the leprechaun after he pranks you, refresh the screen and he relocates.
Quote from Southern (US1): Even if you harvest a pranked building by mistake you can still search for the leprechaun on that farm.

Lucky coins
n addition harvesting will result in a lucky coin drop. These lucky coins can be used in a special Big Farm Deals Event where the players can purchase special rewards. Omar is waiting for you in the parking lot with his Big farm deals!
You'll find your coins in the equipment section of your inventory.
The drop rates on these Lucky coins are identical to those of the
Individual and Coop pellets.

Hard work rewards: Total rewards received are dependent on players level...
8 - 14 15 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 44 45 - 59 60 - 79 80 - 99 100 - 119 120 - 149 150 - 999
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