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Chinese New Year  UPDATED JAN 2017
This event runs for 15 days.

Don't let this event scare you. Once you know how it works
you will find it easy to do and quite fun.


If possible, hold MF on first login of the day until fireworks,
then harvest everything non stop to make sure you beat them.

Snake chips are rare this year. On snake day plant sunflowers
or wheat at night then hold MF until fireworks the next morning.

Firework times by GGS. / compare your time.
view Chip drop rates
view Chip effects and total chips needed
player levels 8 - 14
player levels 15 - 24
player levels 25 - 34
player levels 35 - 44
player levels 45 - 59
player levels 60 - 79
player levels 80 - 99
player levels 100 - 119
player levels 120 - 149
player levels 150 - 999

Some of the following information is from this post written by AlabasterGamer
The Event Deco
The completed deco is pictured above.
To start, you were given a 7x7 Fire Rooster with a +10 happiness rating. Collecting chips greatly improves this basic deco. Each of the 12 animals/zodiac signs (chips) helps in their own way. Your deco will improve as each animal's zodiac sign is completed.
Hovering your mouse over any animal/zodiac sign (chips) will open details that show the % complete and the bonuses for completion. A fully completed deco will be 5x5 and have a +135 happiness rating for players level 150 and above.
◄Here is an example of how the deco will improve when the Rat chips are all collected. You can see the Paifang gate added to the deco, and the increased happiness in the window below. This happiness is only granted once completed.

Notice the Brown rings around each animal/zodiac sign. These rings represent your progress on that zodiac sign. At a glance you'll see your progress or you may mouse over for more information.

Notice the Blue ring starting around the rat zodiac sign. This ring represent your bonus progress on that zodiac sign. Once the blue ring is complete you will get a bonus of +1 towards happiness.

◄Progress bar

This bar shows your happiness progress. The left side shows happiness so far, the right side shows the bonus happiness. You must get all zodiac signs to 100% before you can unlock the bonus.

NOTES: The amount of happiness granted by each animal/zodiac sign depends on your level.
The amount of chips needed to complete each zodiac sign will also depend on your player level.

Above you will find links for 10 different groups of player levels, select the link that represents your level range to see happiness and total chips needed.

Fireworks Boosters

Fireworks appear randomly and will last a very short time.

Your chip drops will be worth 3x as much while fireworks are active.

The fireworks will appear over the Chinese New Year deco in your parking lot,
and a fireworks countdown timer will appear below your happiness bar, while the bonus is active.

NOTE: When the fireworks are active use wildflowers as your
fast crop until the end. They drop the same amount of chips
during fireworks as corn but take less time to grow.
Spin for a booster and use seaweed on your cherries until
fireworks run out. Granted cherries are ready, you can afford
a booster, and you have seaweed fertilizer.

Activity Challenge

This is a daily challenge, similar in format to Hard Worker event rewards. I did not list all the activity rewards due to so many variations. There are 12 different zodiac chip sets for all 10 player levels. That makes 120 different variations.

FYI: The Activity Challenge image on the left I took this morning before I harvested anything and the Activity Challenge image on the right I took less than 4 hours latter. This was all due to the fireworks and spinning for boosters at the right time.

Each day you will get a different zodiac chip set of 20 activity rewards.

Numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19 will always be a bonus spin for a random amount of chips. ►

The amount of zodiac chips you could win after the spin depends on you player level.

Numbers 12 and 20 will always be flags for your farms representing that zodiac chip set.
#12 will be a smaller simple flag and #20 will be a larger fancy flag.  view all flags

The rest of the numbers are random rewards geared to player's level, typical of the Hard Worker event.

The top of the window will always display day and zodiac chip set.

The center of the window will always show what number activity reward you are working on and total needed for next reward.

The timer at the bottom tells you how long before the next zodiac chip set will start, btw this timer lies.

Zodiac Boosters

Zodiac boosters help you collect more chips. You can buy boosters for a random animal for farm cash, or for a specific animal for gold.
This is the official explanation of how they work.▼

Boosters are a great thing, but over priced so only spin for a booster when you have something with a high drop rate.

Notice the x3 under the pig, that means you will only get those bonus chips from 3 different harvest. So don't use boosters while harvesting composter, silo and windmill.

The cost to spin for a booster depends on your player level.
                Starting at 1,500 a spin to $1,000,000 a spin. ►
The cost to spin for a desired zodiac booster is 290.▼

QUOTE AlabasterGamer: "I have personally found that the boosters just give me guaranteed extras of a specific animal.
Boosters are worthwhile (if you have the funds) on high drop rate harvests. For best effect, spin for new boosters if you run out while harvesting.
One booster per harvest, so if you run a max batch in the mill, you will use all your boosters at once. We are all familiar with high drop rate items.
(Using them on corn was silly, but I got fast pics that way.)"
is a corn harvest with 5 cow boosters.
is a corn harvest with no boosters.

Chinese New Year 2016
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