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An accident!
Duration:: 3 days

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Vicky the vet has accidentally lost some feed for the animal hospital. The truck had an accident and all the bags of feed have been scattered all over the place – ruined. Now what? Vicky has an idea. If you could donate some of your own feed to the animal hospital, the animals would be really happy and you will get a reward in return for your most generous deed!

When you click on the car, you can see two types of feed and a timer. The timer shows how much time you have left to donate the correct amount of feed and get your reward.

Now you can do two things. You can donate the feed you have by clicking on the hand. The slider will allow you to donate just that what you can afford at the time. Wasn’t that the full amount yet? Don’t worry, you have got time to produce more until the timer runs out.
You could also click on the gold shopping cart to buy the feed with gold – it will directly be donated to Vicky and the task will complete.

You will get 1 extra XP point for each stable you harvest within 24 hours after completing the event. ▼

Is this worth it?
I would say, if you have enough feed anyway and are overproducing it, yes, just donate it and get those extra XP. Are you having a hard time keeping up your feed stock, I would not recommend you to donate to the event. You could donate bits and pieces to also keep your animals running though. The idea is, when you have donated, you need enough feed to keep your animals running to make good use of your reward! Is this worth spending gold on? If you are swimming in money, why not, it will help you level up a little faster. If you are playing with game gold, no, not worth it. Better leave it be if the normal way of donating is not possible for you.

Last updated : Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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